Heavenletter #5865 The Sun Shines on You

If you can use upliftment today, find some.

If you cannot think of something new to inspire you, think of something that inspired you in the past, and, meanwhile, stay open to something new. What books have inspired you? What movies have uplifted you? What people have believed in you?

Ah, you may fear they won't inspire you now. It is possible that what inspired you once, will pull its blinds down now.

If you haven't been looking for inspiration, what have you been looking for?

There is inspiration for you to find. Get it.

If you can use a lift, rise to it. Walk right up to Life and say: "Inspire me. Inspire me right now." Ask Life to throw inspiration at you. Ask Me to raise your spirits.

What are you doing with your days when your heart lags? Don't just sit there and bemoan how you feel. Get off the couch.

Going out in nature is always good. In any case, look for inspiration, and it will pop up. Be open for it. For inspiration, by all means, say, "Gimme, gimme." Attract it by keeping your eyes open.

See whom you can inspire. Give an inspiring word. Give that which you seek. Not false cheer, you understand, yet hold up your shoulders.

Remember that you bask under the Sun.

Be the Sun. At the least, reflect the Sun.

The world has enough clouds imposed on it. Be sunny, not gray.

Turn the world. Vibrate it. Enter Life. Go in by the front gate. You are here ultimately for more than yourself. You are here for engagement with Me and with all your brothers and sisters. You are here to give. So give.

Often giving appears in the form of receiving. By receiving, you allow another to give. Receiving is a form of giving. There is more than one way to give.

Be generous to yourself. Give yourself peace, and you multiply peace in the world. Give others peace, and you surround yourself with peace. Why not surround yourself with peace?

What have you been surrounding yourself with? Turmoil? Hmm, that is easy to do. It takes no effort at all. Everyone knows how to roil. This is easy, too easy.

Whatever you are good at is easy. When you know something, it is easy. Find ease. Ease is peaceful. Ease is a piece of cake.

And, yet, even so, you, My beloveds, are often ill at ease, ill at ease with yourself. You may know that you are presently off-base. You are out of character. You may be aware that you are not all true to yourself. True is beautiful.

The Truth of you is beautiful. You are beautiful if you only knew.

You are not this rapscallion you may believe yourself to be. You are misinformed. Inform yourself now.

Celebrate yourself. It is time to celebrate yourself.

A celebration does not have to be a wild party. Celebrate the way you would like to. What way would you like to? What kind of party would you like to give? This may require some thought on your part. You may have been out of the vein of celebrating.

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate Life. Celebrate Me in your heart. Take Me with you. Whatever Life holds for you, take Me with you.

Regardless of anything, I am with you. I accompany you. You go nowhere without Me.

I am your Creator. I am the Founder of you. I pulled you from My Heart. I held you out to the world, and I introduced you: "Here you are for the betterment of the world," I said.

Rise to your heights. The joke is on you. All this time you may have felt out of sorts. Now you find out that you are to not only rise to your heights, you are to inspire the world. It is not the world that is to carry you. You may have had this backwards.

What else is there for you to do but inspire? Rise to the occasion. What else is there for you to be but the Light of the World?



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