Heavenletter #5912 Momentum Is Your Life’s Bread

You know what it's like when you procrastinate. It's not pretty. You pay a price for every day you dally. Do you put your Life aside, as if ignoring the furtherance of your life is the best you can do at this time? Oh, well, it is the waning moon, and you excuse yourself.

There is a momentum in Life. It is like a fire you build, and it behooves you to keep the fires burning. The fire you add to is yourself. Either you go forward, or you allow your project to die on the vine.

If you have passion and you want to enrich your life, then keep moving. Momentum is your Life's Bread. Keep that momentum churning. It is self-limiting to let your passion die by the wayside. There is no waiting time. This is a slow decline. A slow decline is a decline, and as fatal as a fast one.

It's true, in the deeper Regions of Life on Earth, time does not exist. Only Infinity exists. There is no hurry, and there is no late.

In the grips of daily Life on Earth, however, seize the day. Unless you seize the day, you have thrown the day out the window.

Let Us call this what it is. It is dropping the ball. You sure aren't making a touchdown. You guarantee yourself withdrawal of energy, and energy means heart. Better to throw away millions of dollars in one fell swoop than to dribble your energy away. Use your Creative Energy. Use it, and you have more and more energy replacing itself. When you have been letting your creative energy dry up, it is gone, and you have been selling yourself short.

Here We have a reclamation project. We are reclaiming your dwindling energy. If you have a project you are not giving your all to, pull it out and restore it to life. Start sorting. Give the project your undivided attention for until your eyes light up and you start thriving in the midst of the project. The solution is so easy, it is amazing.

The cure for loss of energy is respect for yourself and your project and – Lights! Camera! Action!

The time for thinking about your project is past-due. Now you roll up your sleeves, and get something in front of you. Wait for no man! Wait not for yourself. Plunge. Dive into the water. Get wet. This is how you restore your Creative Energy. It is 100% renewable. You are renewable.

Do not relegate yourself to doodling.

Consider your project a beautiful plant you chose. Water the plant. This is what you do so the plant can thrive. Water, give it sunshine.

In terms of growing your creative project, you cannot overwater nor can you provide too much sunshine. You cannot splurge too much on your creative project. It will flourish under all you give it. It will flourish only with your attention and hands on it.

A creative project is alive. It relies on you to bring it to Life. The idea of this project is not to let it lie fallow. If you have put it by the wayside, pull it out now. Wake it up. Get it going. This could be your most fruitful project to date. Wake it up. No more preview. Now make it happen.

When you want a cup of tea, you make it. You have to get up and boil the water. Get out a cup. Warm the cup up. Toss out the hot water. Drop in the teabag. Let it steep. Then you drink the tea.

When you want to make your Creative Project happen, you have to get up and bring it to Life.

Hut, hut, hut.



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