Heavenletter #5924 Catch Yourself in Peace and Happiness

In every breath, you perpetuate yourself on Earth.

You are a willing partner in your Life. Your Life is your Life, and Your Life is yours to do with. Certainly, there are factors out of your present control, where you were born, to whom, and, yet, as farfetched as it may seem, you contributed to your placement in life.

Your life was not simply foisted on you, nor were your choices limited to you. You had preferences, the reasons for which you are unable to identify now. Nevertheless, you positioned yourself. You can’t figure this all out now, nor is there a reason to.

We can say that you speak in a different language now than in the language you spoke then. We can say you speak with words now and perhaps more in shapes and colors then. More with abstract then whereas you long to identify other factors now.

Consider that you gave yourself an assignment, and now you fulfill it. Accept your assignment with eagerness. Give yourself a good go at it. You might well not now choose the Life you chose – or you may – yet, in any case, you did not choose it randomly.

Certainly, some puzzles seem more complex than others, yet you have privilege in working the puzzle that is before you. Go at it with the idea that you will find your way, and have every advantage in the puzzle that is before you. This puzzle is called Life. This does not mean that you whip your puzzle into submission. You don't whip it into shape. You look at it in new ways.

How often have you said: "If only I had known then what I know now…"

So, do a lot of so-called solving by looking at where you seem to be going. Choose your events. Choose your own slant on Life. Raise your life. Be fair to Life. Welcome Life.

You know that all is not what it seems. This goes both ways. Do Me a favor, and do the world and yourself a favor. All you have to do is to look at the upside. I would say that you peer at the downside too much. You are quick at it. Dear Ones, you do not always know what is a blessing and what is not.

It can be said that everything is a blessing. There is good to come from everything, even when that seems improbable or impossible. Life does redeem itself. Think upward-moving thoughts. Think anew.

If you would like to turn your life around, turn your thinking around. You change now, and more of your Life will change of its own accord. If you want an updated Life, update your thinking. How you think changes everything. This is where you begin. Begin now.

This is not getting ahead of yourself, nor do you wait to see changes. You change now, and the changes will pour in. Don’t delay.

Every day is your birthday. Celebrate it. Look forward to it. Engage in it. Have a good time.

Looking forward is more powerful than you dare say. Perhaps you think that you might jinx your life by going forward. Not at all. This is your Life, and you are the motivator of it. Inspire your Life by taking giant steps. Why not?

Let go of your fears and, most especially, the fears that you don't know the names of. Your fears are not to hide in the closet. They are to come out of the closet. They may try to say, "Boo," yet they are not going to scare you. You are rising about your fears. If you fear drowning, you will burst out of the water and reach the stars. If you fear falling, you will bounce up and catch yourself in peace and happiness.



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