Heavenletter #5934 What Can You Not Create?

Who are you really, and where did you come from? Do you really exist, you sometimes wonder. Sometimes it seems you are the subject, and, at the same confluence of imagined time, you are also the observer. What are you observing but yourself? If you make motions, and you observe yourself, are you then also a messenger? Surely you spin tales. They may be all made-up. Can it be that you are a work of your own imagination, as if you are a rag doll?

There is some Truth in this idea, for Life on Earth is make-believe. Life is believed in, yet it is made up. None of this that occupies you on Earth is real. How can the so real-seeming not be true? When you stub your toe, it hurts. Yet, you wonder, do you really have a leg to stand on on Earth?

All of Life may seem like a promissory note to you. It is a list you write. Your list includes anything you want, yet it doesn't include everything you want.

It has been said that you are dreaming. Why, then, can't you or don't you make your dreams come true within the context of your dream? If it is your dream, why not manifest all of it? What holds back all your dreams from becoming true?

It is like you have unfinished sentences. You start off, and then get distracted. The Truth is that you do manifest. Despite yourself and your imposed lists of restrictions, you are a creator of your own list. Remove any limits you have set. Anything and everything can manifest in this world of illusion. You are capable of more than you realize. You spin a web. Choose the web you spin. You can also choose to weave a bigger web. You can break the bank. You can create mayhem, and you can create peace. If you have not peace, go ahead now, be My guest, and create it. You can whip cream, and you can put whipped cream on top of strawberry short cake. What cannot you create?

I am not the only Creator on Earth.

Not at all.

You create every day with your thoughts and words. You definitely are not a mere receiver. You don’t just lie down and wait for what comes. You culture what comes. If you are a gardener on Earth, your thoughts and words are your spades, hoes and rakes. Pay attention to the tools you are using. You do not immediately create everything that occurs, yet you are party to it. Attract what you call good. You do, much of the time, attract your view of Life on Earth. How do you see it? You promote the way you see Life. You project the Life you see. Uplift your thoughts. Your thoughts in this very Life will catch up to you. You steer the boat you sail in. The Very Ocean bows to your thoughts. This is not to say that you caused the latest tsunami.

You are given many free rides. Somehow you contributed. Even if you live in a dry desert, your thoughts and actions contribute to everything.

This that I say is not for you to build guilt on. Guilt and its partner, conscience, add no value to you. Go in a direction from which you gain good use of your mind and heart. Guilt and conscience may dig you in deeper to that which you do not want.

Even the idea of conscience is not necessary. Let not Life come to be about that which you must cease. Let Life be natural and effervescent. Think of the Light in which I see you.


Eyewitness 10th March 2017 5:41 pm

If we ever need a list of reasons why we're not manifesting the Wonderful life of our Dreams, we can come here and be enlightened as to why we are failing. Surely the laws of Cause and Effect can be seen working everywhere around us.... yet, prayer? Hmmm... nope. Manifestation?? Not working for me either. The Law of Attraction?? Utterly non existent for me or anyone around me. If you look at the lives of Every single person I know of who has choices and experiences and successes you can see that there are reasons behind these events that clearly come from The Laws of Cause and Effect. Could it be that the reason why Most Everyone is failing to manifest anything in our lives at all is because there is No Law of Attraction? I wonder how long it will take us to embrace this idea and take a good, long look at our beliefs and why we insist they are true. I... for one, have been using these principles for decades and have yet to find the slightest influence in my personal life with them. You can imagine I might feel a bit.... say....like a Fool for buying into this so long ago? :)


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