Heavenletter #5945 Speak Up

Here are some areas in Life you are not to hesitate or worry about so much as you may at present:

If you think you could be too bold, go ahead and be what you fear may be too bold. In other words, when you have something to say, speak up. It's better that what you have to say comes out in words now. Don't submerge what you have to say. Speak now. One way or another, whatever you hold back – it will come out. Let it come out directly in words before it reveals itself in resentment. Speak up now, and prevent yourself from banging down your tea cup later.

I am not telling you to be rude. I am telling you to be honest.

If you think what you have to say may be looked upon as silly or frivolous or unwise, say it anyway. Be silly then. Be frivolous. Be unwise. If you want to say something, it means something to you. You might even find that the person across from you doesn't see you as silly or frivolous at all. The person across from you may see you with the eyes of love. Take a chance. Bet on yourself.

Whatever you want to say has importance and relevance to you. Whose heart and mind should you adhere to – yours or someone else's? You are not here on Earth to toady to others.

Another way for Me to express what I'm trying to say is not to go around in circles. Don't be what you may think is subtle. You may be playing a game that has become a habit. You could be manipulating another, dear one, in the name of being polite or whatever.

What is more important -- to be polite or honest? Don't be so tactful that you are circuitous, and no one gets the point you are trying to make. You have a responsibility to speak up now, not later.

Honesty is refreshing. Honesty is such a relief. May you be surrounded with others who are honest. Honesty is sharing. You can be forthright in what you have to say. If you keep repressing what you have to say, then, when you finally speak, you may find yourself coming across as rough. No, dears, don't wait for an outburst. Say what you have to say now.

You don't have to figure things out well in advance. Be honest rather than clever.

By speaking up, you may well foster a friendship. I never told you to lie. I never told you to pretend to others or to yourself. Be at ease. You are a real-live person Be what is true for you within the bounds of your new freedom.

Depending upon who you are, of course, you probably won't go overboard anyway. If you are already shy, it may seem overboard to you. If this is the case, you feel this because you may have tended to put down your own feelings. It could perhaps be said that you "go along." It is possible that you want approval and acceptance more than to speak for yourself? Dear ones, who is going to speak for you if you don't? I am speaking on your behalf right now.

It is not selfish to be true to yourself. Now, if someone offers you a graham cracker, and you are not fond of graham crackers, it's okay to accept one. You are not meant to be a fuss-budget, of course. You also don't have to be a push-over. You can say, Yes to graham crackers and No to drugs.

I am encouraging you to have a higher regard for yourself. You don't want to pretend you are something you are not. Even if you feel you are the only one in the world who sees the world as you do see the world, be true to yourself. Otherwise, what are you doing with this that is called your Life?

Did someone inculcate into you that are to be a bump on a log?
You won't hear that from Me.



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