Heavenletter #5989 Go Ahead, Make Mistakes

Beloveds, don’t be afraid to make a wrong move.

Who told you that you have to be perfect in the eyes of the world? Not I. A desire for perfection may well immobilize you from moving forward. Desire for perfection often stalls you. It is a delaying action. Brave is the Soul Who can let go of having to be perfect in the world.

I understand how it is not generally easy for you to be cavalier with mistakes. I have to tell you directly that you must let go of the idea of perfection in the world. You have to. When you do, this will be a red-letter day. This will be cause for celebration. Doing your best and having to be perfect are too different things.

Remind yourself more than once that everything in this world is compared to something else.

Look, your first draft at writing a story could turn out to be more real, more solid, more magnificent than all the fine-toothed versions that follow. You can revamp grammar, refine the structure, etc., and you may also remove all the life from your story. Momentum has great value.

Perfection may not let go of its hold on you. Some of My blessed souls, rather than living their lives, stall them at every turn. Your intellect is not to always come first. Satisfy your heart, your heart, your beautiful heart.

On Earth, dear Ones, there is always more perfection to be had around the corner. When you seek perfection, you may think you are being realistic, yet you are enmeshing yourself in the purest of fantasies.

Even the most beautiful flowers on Earth grow from dirt. Instead of trying to adhere to perfection, fly blind. Calculating is not creating.

Open up your heart. There is no narrow path. Do some hopping and skipping around. Take joy.

Young children are generally happier than their adult counterparts. The children don’t line up all their ducks in a row. They are still free to take what you might call liberties. Young children do not think of a down side. When they want to try out something, they try it out. They aren’t living down the road. They do not even think of failure. They are already succeeding in something they want to do.

If you are waiting for guaranteed success, you may wait your whole life through. Would Christopher Columbus have discovered the New World if he had not set out for India? Would Steve Jobs have created the Mac had he waited for everything to be iron-clad? Would the Wright Brothers have invented the airplane had they not taken risks, even the risk of being considered fools?

Of course, dreamers are criticized for being foolhardy, that is, until they succeed. Regardless, only dreamers can make their dreams come true.

It is A-OK to have big dreams. This way you give yourself more leeway. Big dreams can keep you going. It is too easy for small dreams to fritter themselves away and not seem worth it to you any longer.

Of course, small dreams often succeed as well. Who is to say they cannot? Must you care so much of what even a stranger may make of you.

What you have to keep alive is your inspiration.

Your heart naturally turns to inspiration. Great inspiration holds great merit.

Columbus set out for India. He never reached his goal! Yet he stumbled on a new land. Discovering the New World can hardly be considered a mistake.

Imperfection also has its place.

Now I want to tell you something: Striving for ultimate perfection, on occasion, has created illness. This may be the only worthy excuse your subconscious can find to justify your taking a break from seeking perfection. Here is an honorable means to give up an impossible task you may have obligated yourself to. Give yourself a vacation from perfection in the world. Breathe easy, Beloveds. Breathe easy.

I see you as you are, and I see your true perfection. What I see is true. You don’t have to give your all to get in My Good Graces. Perfection in the world IS an impossible task.



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