Heavenletter #6087 Through Whose Eyes Are You Looking Now?

Through Whose Eyes are you looking now?

You wonder how it happens that this question through Whose eyes you look can enter the equation?

You woke up one morning and you became aware that the eyes you were looking through were not yours. You saw out of them, yet they were not yours.

Well, you used to always be questioning, trying to figure out, trying to get somewhere. It was as if you had been walking toward Heaven, and now you have passed go. Is this possible? Now that you are here, somehow you have left yourself, as you knew yourself, behind. The you that you always thought you were has flown the coop.

Now that you have risen to Me, Who can you be but My Almighty Self? Is this the meaning of Oneness -- no longer can you find yourself anywhere? You seem to be missing. At first, you may well experience that you have lost something precious, for where have your idiosyncrasies gone?

You may mourn that your little self is gone. Like childhood, like toy land, “Once you pass its borders, they can ne’er be found again.”

What’s left of you asks: “Who is this One Self that I feel dispassionate and objective and impartial about now?”

You may feel as though you have become a Stranger. It is as if you had traded yourself in and got faraway-ness instead of hip-roaring happiness. You sense a state of non-existence. In Oneness, where can appearance be if it is at all?

At first, you may feel your new State of Consciousness as absent. Where is the golden goose you had anticipated? You expected something. Alas, now it may seem like your heart was whisked away and not replaced.

Don’t tell me, dear Ones, that you miss the ravages of emotion and all the disturbance that comes along with it? You are an even keel now, no more rocky boat.

You expected you would feel rambunctious Love. You wonder now – has even Love occluded itself and become impartial and at a distance? Can it be that Self-Realization no longer feels like ardor?

When you no longer experience opposites, you feel not the closeness you expected but may rather feel more away-ness and your Self seemingly adrift rather than deeply occurring. No longer are you bogged down. Instead of feeling deeply, you now feel off to the side.

Well, you may say to yourself: “Surely, I didn’t expect wild emotion, did I?”

Well, yes you did.

When you are at a peak, you simply are at a peak. You made great strides, and now you no longer stride. No longer do you climb a mountain. Now you are truly above the world.

You are Home. Once upon a time, you were Homebound, and you had a lot to write Home about. Now the cake is out of the oven.

The world is no longer your personal world. You had anticipated ecstasy. Even-ness isn’t excitement -- it is equanimity.  Stillness is not the same as riding on a merry-go-round.

Now that you are beyond the world, what is left for you to desire? This is the meaning of this desirelessness that you heard about. It isn’t that you had to put away your personal desires. You did not have to do anything. It happened without a decision. It came with the territory. You have a bigger vision now.

Now you no longer exist for yourself. No longer are there two realities, one the world’s and the other God’s. When you are Here, you are Here. No longer are you searching for yourself, because now you are already found. Now, you are meeting Yourself in passing.


Cheri 25th July 2017 1:42 pm

Thank you so much for this post Gloria!! To me there is a very fine line between emotions and feelings. But now that I am experiencing this even keel that you describe it gives somewhat greater clarity to my innate understanding between the two. Although I have to admit that it is a very odd feeling and like you described it feels as if something is missing.

Then I realized, it is the highs and lows of that emotional rollarcoaster which has finally come to a smooth stop at the end of the ride. I sometimes rode it throwing caution to the wind with the thrill and elation of both hands in the air while other times holding on for dear life ha!!

I do miss the elation but realize this odd feeling is balance, no old programs and habitual responses. It is like a fresh canvass to paint a new picture for my life. And I am just left adrift for awhile in a kind of peace wondering how it all will unfold.

spiritdiver 25th July 2017 9:47 pm

I had so much to write home about!

This explains why i have been feeling so lost to my self of late.

Been free floating for a while. While all my desires are right before me. There for the taking now, but yes dispassionate in which way will unfold. It's a unfamiliar, strange land letting go.

What happens next?! Do I shrivel away. Somehow I don't think so.

"Who is this One Self that I feel dispassionate and objective and impartial about now?”

You may feel as though you have become a Stranger. It is as if you had traded yourself in and got faraway-ness instead of hip-roaring happiness. You sense a state of non-existence. In Oneness, where can appearance be if it is at all?"

Cheri 26th July 2017 8:27 pm

Yes, the feeling is exactly that far-away-ness you describe. It is a definate detachment from the desires and/or outcomes. Into the flow of life rather than control of life?

I did have my sights set on some serious bliss and ecstatic happiness now that my cells have accreted some healthy doses of unconditional love. But that is an extreme in itself. Now we are coming to the center where focus is on observing and being in the moment only. Not looking ahead or behind to define ourselves. I guess this is the feeling of stepping outside of linear time and merging into the now.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am thinking the joy will follow as we relax into the the natural state of just being within the oneness. It is definately a new experience of just letting it flow to you and through you as all unfolds in front of you in the now.

I keep trying to worry but it ain't happening hahaha!! You gotta love that!!


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