Heavenletter #6130 Daylight Savings Time

As much as you might like to, no one can be all things to all, do you agree?

However, you can be everything to Me. No, better than that, you are all things to Me. There is no shadow of a doubt. You are a dream of Mine come true. I cognized you. I created you. I did not create you for nothing. I created you in a physical body for greater than your physical body yet also for you to exist in the illusion of the physical for a little while.

I created birds to fly, fish to swim, lions to roar. I created you to soar. I created you to give what is yours to give. Not sometime, but now. Not later but sooner. Not tomorrow, but today. In Truth, only this moment between words exists.

Even as time does not truly exist, you are Prime Time, Beloveds. You hang out in the fantasy of time. If you live in the U.S., it may already be tomorrow in Hong Kong and so forth. Daylight Savings Time pretends to exist in many states and countries, yet not all. How can it be said that Daylight Savings Time actually exists or Standard Time either?

Nevertheless, this non-existent time makes the world go round. Willy-nilly, in the world, you go by the clock. The world rules you. That is, you accept the dominion of time. As erratic as time may be, you look at your clock; you set the alarm; you tell time frequently. Of course, you aren’t telling time anything. Time tells you.

It is time that tells you when to get out of bed and when to go to bed. Time represents or misrepresents the rising and setting of the Sun and the Moon and where and when you are to believe you are. Indeed, time pulls your chain. Time became a consensus that overlords all.

You are a subject to the ruler named time. This ruler makes you fit to be tied.

Let Us not blame time itself as if it existed!

Time is fiction. It is made up, thought to be a convenience of sort, even as it belies Truth.

Of course, you yourself did not make up the Rising and Setting of the Sun etc. You did not make up the existence of Night and Day. You did not make up the Seasons of the Year. You did not make up the template for a span of a year. You did make time a way of keeping track. You define all this, and then you accept all this as a masterful accounting method.

In Creativity, you escape the illusion of time. In Love, you escape the illusion of time. When you escape time, you are in Infinity. Infinity is truly where you exist, and where you exist no matter what you or anyone else may make of where you are or when.

This which you call the real world does not exist. What you call the real world is where you do not exist. The so-called real word is make-believe. Nevertheless, make-believe is very much believed in. You entrust yourself to make-believe and establish yourself in make-believe. You may wear the unreal make-believe as a badge of honor. You will do anything to prove its existence. You will bleed. You will swear. You do swear your fealty.

This is the lay of the land.

Light does exist at the end of the tunnel. Truth be known, you are Infinity-born. There is nowhere else for you to be. You exist in Infinity. Everything else falls away to make room for Infinity even as Infinity takes up no room at all.

I am the God of Infinity that you and I share and have ever-shared. For a while you sleep on Earth. Indeed, there is Beauty on Earth, so gather the rosebuds while you may. There is Joy and Purpose in this semblance of time. Any way you slice it, you are blessed.


Heartfelt courage 14th September 2017 9:58 pm

I remember yearning to be here, but now I yearn for there. Yet if I could live in your world, the yearning would stop. I know where I want to be, but not how to get there,
Or do I? Thank you for jarring something inside! It is love that moves us & where we live is never that far away!


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