Heavenletter #6271 A Secret to Happiness

Do you want to be happy? I never knew anyone who didn’t. Wanna know One Secret to Happiness for happiness? A Trigger to set off Happiness?

Don’t be disappointed when you see it. There is more than one secret to everything. In any case, if your happiness quotient seems to be dragging its feet, try this out:

Anticipate happiness.

Look for happiness around every corner.

See happiness.

Be happiness.

Go ahead and hug happiness to you.

That’s it. This is a good start. Wind yourself up. Be open to happiness. Invite it. You never know where and when happiness will show up. Have happiness on your mind and in your Heart. Where can your happiness be hiding right now? Where does your happiness lie? Happiness longs to be with you before it has arrived and settled in.

I don’t say that wishing makes all you wish for come true. What I am suggesting is a little different from wishing. Wishing for happiness seems to state firmly that you are lacking happiness and therefore affirms that you are barren of happiness. You are not petitioning for out and out World Happiness. You would be grateful for a little everyday cupful of happiness.

Beloveds, if you have a half teaspoonful of happiness today, be delighted with that half teaspoonful of happiness. Lick the spoon well.

Say: “Glory be, here I am licking this marvelous half teaspoonful of honey. This is quality honey. Happiness is the nectar of the Gods.” The more you say, ‘Thank you,’ the more honey flows to you..

Think of getting up in the morning as you did when you were a child on Christmas morning. You were all agog at what was to come.

Maybe before you go to bed tonight, write a list of what might make you happy tomorrow morning. Sure, go ahead, and make a lot of the material objects that might make your Heart leap. Also make a list of the non-material happiness that could come running through your heart and bloodstream.

Whose knock at your door would your Heart be thrilled to see? To begin with, think of only those who are still alive on Earth. I suggest this so you won’t be inviting a whole line-up of sadness and nostalgia to you.

You might even like to think of someone who might be annoyed with you. A light and easy reconciliation could make you happy; why not?

Now, foresee when the dear people arrive at your door, what do you want the first words they say to be?

What will you say then, or will you be the first to speak, or perhaps you simply throw your arms around your friends and perhaps say: “Son of a gun, where have you been all this time?”

It’s like this. You don’t start baking a cake until you have the idea of baking a cake first. At first you may think of baking a pineapple upside down cake like your mother used to. Then the thought of a cranberry nut bread like you used to bake occurs to you. And then another thought peeks in.

Usually, first, before something comes to fruition, a thought of it arrives on its own.

Continuing with this theme:

Whose voice would you most like to hear?

What good news about this person would you like to know about?

What three words might you like to hear today?

What three words would you most like to say today?

What book might you like to reread today?

What surprise would you like to find in your mailbox?

What headline in the newspaper would you like to read tonight?



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