Heavenletter #6446 Wake Up to Life as If It Is to Your Own Making

Beloved, you’re going along fine, when suddenly nothing seemingly goes the way you would like it to. Life is no longer your cup of tea. How can this be? You even ask yourself what could have changed but you?

Where joy was joy, now joy has flown. You want to get your joy back, yet you don’t seem to know how to get peace and joy back. This seems to be more than you can figure out how to deal with.

You know better than to feel the way you feel, yet you don’t feel better. You are aware that there has to be more to life than your taking an aspirin and getting up and fulfilling responsibilities that you may no longer feel like fulfilling. There has to be more to life than fulfilling needs that may not rank first place with you.

Surely, there is also more to life than having to put your own needs aside and put others' needs before yours. Certainly, Beloved, as well, there is also more to life than lingering self-indulgence.

Yes, Beloved, try looking at life anew. Beloved, is it possible that you have put yourself into the position of saying yes, and now you don’t want to go along with going along any longer really?

Now, beloved, how you feel may not be the most important thing in the world. Hello!

Grow to where you don’t have to be pleased. Now may be the time for you to choose responsibility instead of leisure. Sometimes you may not be able to sing the song you would most like to. Perhaps you don't have to pin yourself down so fast in the first place. Life may not always be the song you prefer to sing.

Did you really think life has to suit you in the mingled world at every given moment? You don't have to be a sleeping dreamer or the fulfiller of your own dreams and not another’s according to how you happen to feel?

Alas, all of life doesn’t suit you or anyone all the time. Long ago and far away you dreamed a dream, and then life changed your point of view.

Within your dream of your dream in the waking world, someone or something is opening your eyes for you. It could be time for you to open your eyes wide and get out of bed.

Hey, you still have weekends and vacations. Still, life has the right and privilege to ask more of you. Where did you get the idea that life is to do your bidding? Serve. Serve happily!

Beloved, be thee in faith within yourself. Go ahead. Jump in! The water is fine.



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