Heavenletter #6537 How Do Human Beings Stay in Love?

Beloved, We don’t make trades, you and I. Life isn’t about I wash your back, and you wash Mine. We go deeper. Sad to say, sometimes, life seems to be a deal breaker.

Life isn’t about getting away with saying: “You love Me, and I’ll love you.”

Love isn’t a promissory note. Life doesn’t always seem to be a fair trade.

There is a reciprocal aspect of love. May love always be in full bloom.

Life often seems to be something like this: You are playing cards. You receive four aces straight up! No matter how fine your hand is, you don’t get a guarantee that you will get four aces again tomorrow or ever again. You can’t seem to guarantee love from yourself to another either, no matter how much you would like to. You may be out on a limb. You declare there must be more to true love than you know – if, indeed, true love is.

Everyone seems to seek true love. What is the secret to finding it? Can it be possible that you walk right past true love?

You seem to be at the mercy of love. Clearly, you crave more. You don’t want to tally up love like a bookkeeper, yet you have always wanted more love.

You have also deeply desired more love to give. Frankly, love in your heart has not been steadfast. You have not received enough, nor do you give even a facsimile of enough. Perhaps you have been left holding the bag, or you never really had love in your corner – not even a facsimile of love.

You wouldn’t mind a credit card made for love, to be able to stop at an ATM where you can fill up on love whenever you want.

Bewildering seems to have been the main theme of love for you or plain empty-handed. What if, in this lifetime, you never know true love or come close to it?

If life is not love, what then is it?

Maybe someday you will write a bestseller: “When Does Love Come Knocking at My Door?” Or: “Does True Love Really Exist?” Or: “Many People I Know Know Love from Novels.”

You see, you haven’t been much good at love for the long haul – perhaps not much good at love for the short haul either. Alas, either you can’t be pleased with anyone that long, or no one keeps on loving you. Where does this leave you?

To fall In love is another story. Easy as pie. A little sweet talk, and you’re gaga.

You wonder if you really have shaken hands with love.

“What’s It All About?” goes an old song.

Ask yourself a question about love across the board, and you might might answer:

"How would I know what is true and what isn’t? I know the questions but not so much the answers."

You wonder if, in life, you have ever been real at love, or have you just been playing at it and never quite getting there? You may have assumed you were real while you handed yourself some lines to speak out as if you had a clue as to what you really feel. Did you string yourself along? Were you a con artist of some kind? If so, you conned yourself. Yes, sadly, you conned your own heart a time or two .



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