Heavenletter #6556 Are You Real or Surreal?

Beloved, sometimes you may feel you are in a chamber of some kind where you cannot quite hear or see or be heard. There is not even an echo. You may not actually exist for all you know. What does it mean not to exist? Instead of added value, sometimes you feel nonexistent. Are you real?

It has to be you exist, yet perhaps you don’t feel well-established at this time or established whatsoever. If you went past a mirror, would you see yourself in the mirror, or would anyone see you? Could you perhaps be in some kind of soundless chamber? How long do you have to wait before the sound comes back on, and what then?

What has happened or not happened, and what does it mean anyhow, and what can you do about it? You call out:

“Knock, knock. Anybody here?”

Apparently not.

Is this what Rip Van Winkle experienced? He fell asleep and then woke up 20 years later. Did he fall into outer space? Where was Rip Van Winkle all this time? Asleep? You can’t say you enjoyed his story.

You wonder if it could ever be possible to sleep through life. On the contrary, can this be what everyone is doing, even as everyone is doing the best he can to stay awake?

Could the story of Rip Van Winkle actually be everyone’s story? Goodness knows, there is enough that you realize you forget and perhaps forget again and again. You sure hope you don’t forget what is important to remember. If you forget, how will you ever know? Is what you forget, is it forgotten forever?

It seems to you that possibly you have heard Me say: “Nothing is ever forgotten.” Hmm, what does this mean? Whatever are you supposed to make of that? Now you see it, now you don’t. What is the meaning of meaning?

It does certainly happen that you doze off. There are times when life and/or people in life seem decidingly unkind. It would have been wonderful to sleep through it or turn it off or be deaf, dumb, and blind for an assigned time or to be reassigned altogether. There are some walks in life you don’t want to go on; must you?

You don’t always want to be on the beaten path. You might not mind having to start over. Would you turn out differently if this could be something you might have a choice about, more like choosing certain chapters in a book?

Of course, life does seem to be, for the present, one whirl at a time. No second chances in the short run. Why not some quickie choices? Could it be possible to choose between entr’actes?

There was a old movie in which the leading actor started over every day yet did not really change his role, just relived the exact same role, and, drat it all, not get beyond it.

You don’t want to go through it all again at the same time as you don’t really want a second chance. It doesn’t seem possible that you can get a fresh start. How do you possibly know what all the possibilities are or whether you could surmount them or even get through by the skin of your teeth? You really don’t know how much more you can possibly go through in order to find out that you are not yet free. Is there possibly a way where you can just sit out the dance? Or is life simply a fait accompli?

You had your chance in the Sun, and you don’t want anymore, not that, as it happens, you are being given another chance anyway – or are you?



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