Heavenletter #6573 Screenshots of Your Life

Beloved, you live your life marked in screen shots. In making this current movie of your life, you may use short frames, one after another. Think of it, you are making your own movie of your life for all to see! Think of it, you are alive on Earth! And you put your movie together as you go along. Somehow, you have become a movie star and director and a fan and critic. You are a person. You have no idea how this actually occurred.

What does it mean that you inherit the earth? You are here to do greater good than you know.

You are a starring and directing blazing soul on Earth. Somehow you got here. How did you get here to Hollywood or BBC as it happens?

There is no band that plays. As a matter of fact, you don’t usually get much applause in the mundane world – if any at all on many days.

You have heard the refrain that virtue is your own reward? Beloved, life itself is a valid trust fund. You learn in life day by day, don’t you? You learn from life.

Yes, you are the son or daughter of a King. This can hardly be happenstance that you grow up in God’s Court. Accept that you are My accolade. Unless I put you together, how could I have been quoted as saying that which I have put together, no one is to put asunder?

Kindly get that idea out of your head that I can make any mistake where you are concerned.

The whole wide world may see you as a mistake, yet what does the world know? If there is a mistake, it is the world that is mistaken. You are meant to lead a chorus in the world.

There is no impression that you have to make. No matter what, you are Mine. And you are precious to Me. I am God Who loves ceaselessly. Not everyone on Earth sees as I see. The world presents itself this way or that right and left. I see through camouflage and misrepresentation that the world may consider common knowledge.

Nothing gets in the way of My love. Nothing is less from wherein love comes to or wherein love goes to. Every animate and inanimate creature or what-not requires love. I request that you give love. You do not do anyone a favor to be courteous in My Kingdom when you feel differently.

There is no question that what is acceptable to Me is easier on you regardless of your perceived comfort and the hold the world has on you. My expressed desire is that you love all. There is no one you are to take asunder. Build God's Will out in the open.

Beloved, find no reason to separate My children into factions because of one idea or another. Beloved, how do you imagine you follow God's Will?

Align with Me. Do you present God's Name before Me? Follow goodness and mercy. Do not put other Gods before Me. Do not court strife. Cast no one aside. Bring no sorrow to any other.

Now come the Commandments. The one above all is to love.



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