Heavenletter #6579 Life Can Be Whatever It Is

Beloved, there is a consensus that says you are on Earth, and this must be for a reason. Another consensus says that life on Earth is but a dream. What happens now? Where does this leave you? Certainly not always foot loose and fancy free. Anything can happen in life. Life on Earth can be rather subterranean, like it or not. You seem to be posted wherever you are. Trying to survive is not quite enough.

Your purpose is to grow in love. You may not always welcome a Prince Charming to wake you up. Can someone who breaks your heart teach you how to love? Well, you can be riveted.

You would wish to learn greater love from someone who shows you how to love and means it. You sure don’t want hard lessons. Of course, you want to bless and be blessed – if only you knew how.

You personally have come to the conclusion that you are not wonderful at hanging out for love to come in style just like that. You haven’t had the knack. Actually, you’re quite good at falling in love. When it comes to lasting love, you have been start and stop. You haven’t been good at being true to love. Perhaps you are too impatient. You might like to be different than you have proved yourself to be. Who would chose tumultuous over enduring?

You may prefer to be alone more often than you want to stay together with someone else. That’s the rub – someone else. Frequent companionship disrupts your thinking. You have always wanted to have a forever love, yet it hasn’t worked out that way. You may like the idea of togetherness more than the the joy of the reality of it. You may prefer a home on the range.

Once you had different dreams.

Perhaps it is true that some people make hay while the sun shines, and others don’t seem to be able to spritz enough Spray-On to make life stick. It is very possible that you simply lack the backbone? Perhaps another day or time in life, you might have taken to day-to-day life in the world, yet who can say?

You have heard of both destiny and free will or perhaps you, in life, just are rolling along, and there is no neat ending rolling forward, so it seems. You just keep turning around and not finding a strong clue as to an answer to your existence. In any case, it is all water under the bridge. Or, okay, the cards would wind up remarkably if only you could stop stirring things up.

Sometimes you wonder if anyone’s life really and truly turns out right.

Why would you try to make something of old cloth from here or from there as if life could replay itself with another tune or two. Honestly, to which end? You might well do better to leave well enough alone. When will you know when to close four aces and your eyes and be done with yesterday?

“To be frank, God, I might like to pick up like an unclaimed true dream here and there for old time’s sake.

“I don’t believe that means you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This must happen every day for someone. In any case, many people are inventive. Some people are good new learners and embrace where even the stars are surprised, and life actually gets wound up and set on a new course that winds up somewhere else sooner or later.

“I never liked that other saying either about leaving well enough alone. I wouldn’t mind learning something new while I’m at it.”



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