HEAVENLETTERS #2352 Offer Your Heart

God said:

Do you really think there is anyone I love more than you? If you think so, then you are also saying that I am capable of loving more and loving less. I cannot love less. I have one child, and I love My child. You see many children, and you categorize them, put them in piles, and put yourself in a pile by yourself, and perhaps feel forlorn or perhaps feel haughty. Beloveds, I can only love with all the love I have. I do not discriminate. Not at all. How could I? How could I possibly denounce one child of Mine. If the world?s perception were correct, and it were so that I have billions and trillions of offspring, which one child could I love less, and which one could I love more? I love. It is as simple as that. I love. I love this one, and I love that one. I love you.

I have no choice in the matter, you understand. But even if I did have choice, why would I choose to leave even one child loved less than all the love I am capable of? That?s the difficulty with the relative world. The world thinks of more, and it thinks of less. It sorts people right and left by all kinds of arbitrary standards ? great silliness it seems to Me. Of course, it seems nonsense to Me. To sort people by clothes? By color? By nation? By gender? By profession? By deed? By anything at all?

You might say in defense of your position: ?But God, what about murderers? Why would you love them as much as you love a saint??

And I would say, with a smile of course, does a murderer need less of My love than a saint? I might also say that a saint recognized My love more than a murderer ever did, so, if I could love more, I would then love the murderer more. But as it is, I love equally. I would not have it any other way, while you purse your lips and say that a murderer deserves punishment.

I would say that one who murders needs to perceive differently. I would also say that one who judges and condemns one who murders also needs to perceive differently. How you perceive affects what and whom you perceive. If you wish to remove the concept of murder from the world, then remove the hardness from your own heart.

Besides, have you not also had on occasion, murder in your heart? What separates you from your brother, beloveds? Cain slew Abel, his own brother. He thought his brother was loved more than he, and that he, Cain, had been loved less. Anyone who slays slays his brother. He foolishly thinks he can kill a hurt within himself by ending the life of another. What lack of understanding one who murders has. He has no understanding at all.

If you think you are better than another, if you think you are more worthy than another, if you think you deserve more and that another deserves less, you also lack understanding. Gain understanding more than retribution. This makes you wise.

There is much said about forgiveness in the world. Yes, of course, forgiveness wins the day over unforgiveness, yet, often, when you forgive, you put yourself in a higher place than the one you forgive. When you forgive, you are not to be like a King or Queen who bestow favors. You are to be a humble brother who offers his heart to one who needs it.



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