Outside the Realm of Time

God said:

You must know by now that time is meaningless. Oh, yes, you rush to keep up with it, yet it is always ahead of you – or behind you. It circles around you, ready to wrangle you, to entrap you, to reduce you, to make you temporary as it is instead of eternal as you are. Time itself is a time-waster. And yet time catches you in its net and won’t let you go. You look forward, and you look backward. You are always trying to manage time. You make lists for it.

What if the world were clock-less and calendar-less? You might not know what to do with yourself. Soon enough you would get down to basics. Time is not the foundation for your life. It is an interloper. It dances in and out, wraps you in a sarong of itself, and won’t let you go. It is a tyrant. You have subjected yourself to it. You have pledged great allegiance. You attest to it. All the while, time is flimflam. It dances away from you, won’t let you catch it. It is a dancer with veils who runs off the stage before you know it.

Tension is time-driven. Inner tension comes from outer-time. Time is a taskmaster, and you dance to its tune. It whips you, and you jump. Through your belief in time, you age. You believe in loss, and you mourn the ravages of time. Through your belief in time, you believe in the end of time.

Time is transparent, beloveds. You are far greater than time. You are immortal. Time is not. Eternity has nothing to do with time. Eternity is timeless.

On the positive side, time has its attractions. It provides rhythm. Time has a beat. In music, notes go up and down the way time does. Speech has its utterances and its pauses. The drumbeat you hear is time. Your heart beats in time. You time how long it takes for something to cook in the oven. There is unison. There is a drum roll. Time parades itself.

And yet there is no running out of time. Time runs away. Time is money. You can’t call it worthless, for you invest in time, time and time again.

Consider once in a while to live your life outside the realm of time. This getting time off from time and its demands would allow you to enjoy your family more. You would rest more even in activity. You would love more.

Time creates haste. Without the concept of haste, there would be no need for patience. Impatience would not be known. There would be no emergencies, no urgencies. Time would stand still. Time waits for no man, but it would wait for you had it not been made king instead of you.

Without the drag of time, there would be spontaneity. There would be no waiting. Everything would be available always. There would be no always. There would be no never. You would know Eternity. You would be aware that you sail on it. You would embrace it. You would sail on it and stay still on it. You would become Eternity and know yourself as the Universe. You would know Oneness. You would know it as you now know your name. You would know your own Eternity, and you would never fall off it. You would know permanence and not conceive of temporariness. You would not believe in the lies of time, for you would know Truth, and Truth alone. You would know you know Me. Time would disappear, and you and I would appear.