The Music You Dance

God said:

This moment of your life is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is the wave you are to catch. This is the moment you jump in. Even if you are sitting still in reverie, this is your moment of devotion to reverie. Even if you are drinking a cup of coffee, this is your moment of devotion to drinking coffee. Whatever this moment holds for you, this is what you enter into. This moment of life has asked you to dance, and dance you must. You cannot shake your head no. You cannot say, “I’d rather not.”

Life is a suitor who has presented himself to you. Take his hand.

Life is not for later. It is not a sometime thing. It is rushing to you now.

Even when you sleep, you are in life’s embrace.

Give service to your life, and enter into it.

Whatever music is being played, let this be the music you dance to. Swirl from the joy of it.

Even if you do not consider yourself a good dancer, dance anyway.

Even if you spill your coffee, consider that your cup runneth over, and still drink what is left in the cup.

You may prefer waltzes to polkas, but if polka is what the band is playing now, get up and dance it. And if the band is taking a break, then enjoy sitting down. Enjoy the pauses as well as the dance.

Life has chosen you as its partner. It has its eye on you, and, at this moment, only you. You are the one life wants to dance with or sit out a dance with. Life wants you resting your hand on his arm. Life wants you engaged with him. He wants you to look at him fully in the eyes. Be his partner. Be his paramour. Be his companion. Beloveds, for this little while, you are wedded to relative life. You have an assignation. You have pledged your troth. Be present.

Give your best to this dance, whatever music is playing. You do not know what you are capable of this moment. You do not know your spinning capability until you spin. Even if you spun yesterday, today calls on you to spin again. Perhaps today your feet leave the ground. Perhaps today you dance on air. You have to get up and dance to find out.

Perhaps today you trip over your own feet. Be glad for that as well. Perhaps today you are a wallflower. Well, then, bloom against the wall. You are still today’s dancer. Even sitting down, you are nevertheless a dancer. You are a dancer sitting down at the moment.

Today life may send you flowers. Tomorrow, you find a dandelion at your doorstep. Welcome it anyway.

Perhaps today you give life some flowers. Perhaps you strew them. Perhaps you give life a huge bouquet, one never arranged like this before. Perhaps today you give life a thank you note. Even though you can never give life back all that it has given you, you can give it something. You can give it a welcome. You can meet it at the door. You can go arm and arm with it without further ado. Perhaps you can ask life to dance, teach it a tap dance or two. Perhaps tango with life today.

See how you dance. This is something, you and life together on the dance floor dancing a tango like no other tango ever danced before, danced for the first time. Even when no one is watching, dance for the dance. Dances come and go, yet you are always a dancer. Even in stillness, you are a dancer. So, dance then. Dance.



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