Appreciation Meditation

This is a practice I do nightly, before I sleep. However, it can be done at anytime. First I would like to mention the difference between the words gratitude and appreciation. They both have the same core definition, but carry a different energy. 

The energy of gratitude carries lack. Example: I am grateful for my job. (Speak it aloud and feel the energy)

I know we were all at one point without work, and this is why we are grateful, because we were without. 

The energy of appreciation carries love. Example: I appreciate my job. (Speak aloud and feel the energy. Feel the difference?)

We feel the appreciation of love for what we do by being a service to others. When we are of service to others, we always have. We feel the flow of love being carried in thought, voice and action, with appreciation. 

Meditation: ( This can be written, spoken, or thought silently)

The following meditation is an example of flow. It can be customized as you co-create with the universe. 

I am appreciating the love for self.
I am appreciating my purpose.
I am appreciating the life I chose.
I am appreciating the sunny day.
Today I appreciate the wealth in my life
Today I appreciate the success I have now
I am appreciating the changes I have created and embraced. 

This is a way to count your blessings, instead of counting sheep.
This is also a way to manifest what you desire.
You can change your life through meditation.


Peter fox 28th January 2014 6:17 am

Hillis- this is a brilliant observation! Like all "matters spiritual" it can also be very confusing especially when so many "beat the drum" of gratitude as an essential element of our journey. The paradox is that it is- it's just
that when we have "found" gratitude we can then move on to the next
"level" which is appreciation which,as you say,carries a different energy
(I think we could also say a higher vibration). You have brought to our
attention both how subtle this process is and also that we can(and must)
simply take it one step at a time. Brilliant- thank you!

Hillis 28th January 2014 9:39 am

Hi Peter,
It great to hear from you! I trust all is great with you.
Yes you are correct, we can say a higher vibration.
It's a subtle difference, but makes a world of change.
You are very welcome!

keryndawer 31st January 2014 3:57 am

I have GREAT appreciation for your unique style Hillis :)

Your wisdom shines through your creativity. This poetic meditation is another example of just that.

Thank you.

Hillis 31st January 2014 8:04 am

Hello Keryn,
Thank you for your loving and beautiful words.

Love to you,


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