Thank You Thursday: Awareness

Be thankful this day for awareness.

Awareness is more than just being cognizant of your immediate surroundings, or the activities in the daily routine. As a society we tend to get lost in the awareness of others. By this I mean, we are so concerned with what people are doing around us, we forget about us. Not saying that being aware of people and our surroundings is wrong, just don't let them consume you. Consumption is draining on the soul. It leaves us vulnerable to mental illnesses or simple paranoia. We have to acknowledge our awareness and not be consumed by the curiosity of the awareness in the present moments.

With the acknowledgment of the awareness, we become more in-tuned with ourselves. The natural instincts or intuition plays a role in the awareness we possess. We then become aware our gifts, energy, and higher self or soul/spirit. With this heightened level of awareness, we become more cognizant of ourselves, passions and purpose. We are constantly in an unconscious state of awareness, but it is when we become aware and acknowledge the awareness, our mental clarity aides us in becoming one with energy of the universe and God. The level of oneness can be glimpse, a few moments or as long as it is needed.

Be thankful this day and everyday for awareness in our daily lives.

Be thankful this day and everyday for clarity awareness brings.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the oneness of total awareness.

Unattached (What makes a man want to rule the world)

Bound by fear and the unknown

Acceptance of comfortable safe life


True only to self with vague thoughts and concepts to be clear and understood

Arrogant only to be humbled by experience and awareness of actions and self devotion

Finding value in where you belong

The sacrifice of change is the only thing to change evolution

The power of creation is the advent rising of saving of self and awareness of self manifested attachment and suffering

Now free of such manifestation for a greater purpose

All visions

Thoughts planted in abundance to be awakened through gratification

Creating what you are

Creating what you desire

Is all attached to your true nature

Find this and unattach all else




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