Thank You Thursday: Blessings

Be thankful this day for blessings

Blessings to most of us come as a surprise. Blessings are prayers, wishes and fore thoughts coming to manifestation, though some are forgotten, hence the surprise. Some blessings are very obvious and hidden in plain sight, such as material possessions and things we can use any of our five senses for. Other blessings are not so obvious, these are the ones we can't see, but because of our sixth sense we know it's there. For example, the life we live not on a materialistic level, but on a spiritual level. We know our own existence and the existence souls around us. With time we become more aware of the blessings surrounding us daily and the awareness becomes second nature.

As man we are meant to help each other and this is reason why we receive joy when we do help others. The natural gifts and talents used on a daily basis that bring us and others joy is a blessing itself. Most of us say that we are not talented or can't do what you do, but you are great at something. We are draw inspiration from each other. Anyone can do anything, though someone maybe better at that one thing. Find what you are great at to help others and bring joy to your life. A blessing is also a gift and an ability to discover in yourself and share with others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for discovering your blessing, your natural gift and your joy.


As I stand in the eye watching life pass me by

Looking lost without a cause yet full of purpose and intent figuring out what is meant for my soul

Carrying a blade of wisdom that is centuries old with the lack of knowledge to wiled it yet with the patience to understand the energy to wiled it as such commanding to the energies to stand at attention

Gathering souls from past lives using synergy as a caliber for the life standing before thee streaming through colors of life to inflect project a selfless image upon those with purist essence

Loosing behind a shadow cast by heavenly energies of intuition with intent and purpose

Living a daily struggle of thirst of a soul creation of self with understanding of the possessed vessel a longing of personal fulfillment with a gift given from the dawn of you

Accepted and returned

Wanting more than what is given before the time tells you

Living freedom in faith of what and whom the will of choice and self sacrifice knowing the consequence to understand the second image of self

Not a façade the cause of your soul

Who were you first

Who are you now

Who will you be last

Following the heart

The loud voice banging in your head and life preparing through you

Can’t erase it nor ignore it an image bigger than you with a possibility to fill the universe we walk through with preconceived notions and premeditated intents

Finding what was stored from the life before seeking the connection for completion of a universal soul surpassing time itself




A continuous cycle until the work is done

A timid light only to grow in brilliance by the dimming of un-needed space leaving the purist of pure the original make-up of self from the first spark

Illuminating emanating heavenly energies



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Hillis Pugh

A visionary with an authentic soul, Hillis Pugh’s journey has been one of enlightenment, resolution, and inevitability. An inspiring writer and poet, he uses his gifts to propel readers on how to build self-confidence and explore their own journey of finding gratitude in everyday matters.

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