Thank You Thursday: Challenges

Be thankful this day for challenges.

Challenges are apart of the spiritual growing process. We are faced with challenges on the daily basis. For example, a simple task of getting up out of the bed or something more difficult such as learning a new task at work. The everyday task a healthy person has may be difficult for a person with an aliment(s). The healthy person takes the lesser tasks for granted. Remember as children we had to endure and master the simpler challenges of our lives today. As children we were frustrated, yet tenacious to overcome the challenge at hand. The learning process of the challenge gave us insight in how to think on a physical level to overcome it.

What about the spiritual level? We grow from a place of inner joy and peace from the accomplishment. Our inner joy is the testament to the endurance, will, and sacrifice (letting go) to overcome the obstacle in our life in for that time. Know at different points in our lives we all have or will face a challenge to test our faith, will and endurance, it's how we react or pro-act to the challenge, situation, or obstacle to grow. When we grow we become more aware of the challenges being hurled at us or even created by us. We become detectives or solvers of our own lives to better understand "why am I faced with this situation?". Once the understanding is clear, the challenge dissipates and another growing phase or process beings. Be thankful to the tenacious attitudes we had as children to assist in overcoming challenges. Be thankful this day and everyday for the inner joy received from accomplishments. Be thankful this day and everyday for the growth through challenges.


Pacifying someone’s happiness to sacrifice your own

Cherish the time spent alone the precious time a minute of peace for what’s it worth artificial highs to get you through nice fool

Stealing time to complete one’s dreams aspirations discipline a machine twenty-four –seven need a routine maintenance to release this tension

Giving up what was given to give others having an understanding of loyalties having no shame being free embody the truth only matters what’s inside I believe no one can tell me

Two becoming one sharing one are one

Work understanding patience desires love name a way of life unified satisfied gratified from sacrifice or who sacrificed

Fruit of your labor from energy given through time work patience faith in a gift given from God and developed and shared to loose something is to gain something strength clarity no longer a sacrifice of what will be a deeper me



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