Thank You Thursday: Change

Be thankful this day for change.

One thing in life is certain, it's change. No one thing or person ever stays the same. Clearly with time change is evident on a physical and times mental scale. What about the spiritual energy? Times it’s not so evident. Instances and circumstances happen in our lives to manifest the change we desire, or to manifest our higher or true self. Remember nothing happens by chance or coincidence. Things happen in our lives through the manifestation of our own decisions and by agreements or choices made in the present life or before. The events happen to trigger the next level or stage in our life to reach our purpose and passions. The evolution of this energy is based solely on how we react to the event and the choice made at the time. We can either accept or deny what happened. Through acceptance of change, we evolve. With the denial of the event or change, we remain stagnant or devolve. Times the changes are made for us, catapulted into the next level, however it's how we react, accept or not accept the change once we are there.

Do we continue to embrace the familiar or become one with the unknown? This statement is question I asked myself a few times, the answer for me was to become one with the unknown. By making that choice, you are embracing the trust and faith of what's to come. You are letting go of excess and once you let go of excess you have room to grow. Example, various stories of people living in poverty, then making a living as successful entertainers and entrepreneurs. The reason for this change is because they let go of their excess and label of being a victim. This goes back to a previous subject about Choices. Whether we invoke the power and choice of change, it's our reaction to determine the level of change in our lives.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the power of change.

Be thankful for this day and everyday for the power and wisdom of change.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the faith and growth change has brought us.

Catalyst of Change

An event to cause a chain reaction of evolution

Not the final solution to dictate change

The one leader with legions of followers

A mark of a good leader is a great follower

The plan is not yours to create

It’s a plan to be followed with choices along the way

The outcome is your choice

The beginning of a greater manifestation

To have and live with purpose is the cause of living and fulfilling

The purpose is the affect and acceptance is the reward

The beginning of something new is a constant

Such as time

It’s always changing but what is the reason for the dramatic shift in direction

Not new today as yesterday nor tomorrow will be

The only one constant all see is change

True realization is the spark for the catalyst

All one needs to succeed in a place where nothing is ever the same



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