Thank You Thursday: Choices

Be thankful this day for choices.

Most choices in life are already made for us and by us. It is our heightened state of awareness that translates the choices and agreements made with souls we encounter in life. For example most rebellious teenagers say out of spite, "I didn't choose this family", when in fact they did. We have complete control over what we do, say and think. No one can impose their will on us, unless we allow it. Remember we are energy and will always be energy. Energy transfers and changes form. In our purest form of light we make agreements and choices with other souls or energies for situations and experiences to happen in life to make us who we are.

These experiences teach us lessons we will need later in life. Not all choices are pleasant ones. This is when we have to be accountable for the choices we make and not place the blame on the world. Yes we may have emotional break-downs, but it's ok. That's part of the growing process. By being one with the emotion(s), we gain understanding and commitment to ourselves. We must remember the lessons learned from each experience.

Yet the free will of choices is where most of us have difficulty. Yes we have free will to do whatever we desire. Yes we have free will to use our gifts and talents to benefit the world or just ourselves. And yes we have free will to be whomever we want. Free will is a luxury of all life choices. Free will grants us new sensations, experiences, and opportunities. Not saying that free will is wrong to have or feel guilty about. Just remember the intuitive nature to guide you through this life. Nothing happens by chance. Everything happens by choice, determination and being responsible and accountable. We are all responsible for ourselves and others. What we do today can directly or indirectly effect millions tomorrow.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the choices made.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the lessons learned through choices.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the responsibility we take through the choices we make.

Cuz I Can

Energy in transaction transcending from manifested digested the metaphysical it is what it is and I am as I am

I am everything and can do anything learning the light guide to surpass all fore-thought

Comfortably in control with understanding of change


life itself

devices and mechanisms to comprehend purpose and resist restraint

Aware as I bare the knowledge leveraged and wisdom given the total package confidence and courage as I make you think sink to the depths of your soul ask yourself are you whole

Why do you do what you do

Being satisfied with routine comfort and ever wonder can I do more

Sheer will wields the energy and harness determination empowering all I am

I am who I am

I do what I do

I believe what I believe

I love what I love

Cuz I can



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