Thank You Thursday: Courage

Be thankful this day for courage.

Courage is mostly represented by physical tasks or situations, when most of courage is mental. Courage can aide us to perform functions, create and follow through with ideas, and over come many fears. Courage is also personal will. The will to fight and continue to move forward against all odds and against all advice. Courage is not just will to fight, but it's also trusting your own intuition. When you have a decision to make, do you trust an adviser or your intuition, your instinct. In order to make any decision, you have courage and faith in yourself, knowing what you are doing is best for you. Courage is an instinct, yet it is always second guessed or mistaken for a lesser emotion.

You don't have to be a warrior to understand courage. True courage leaves a lasting imprint on the soul and helps the soul and will to grow. Courage is the first step to accomplishing a task, goal or dream, but it's the will of courage that sees it through.

Be thankful this day and everyday to be released of our fears.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the guidance of our intuition.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the imposing will to carry you in any situation.

Warrior’s Road

To walk a path of honor

Of hardships

Of understanding

Of having everything

Having security in the ultimate power

Knowing that gift and to reveal it

To never use

To throw down your gauntlets in satisfaction

And walk away with your head high with new found pride



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Hillis Pugh

A visionary with an authentic soul, Hillis Pugh’s journey has been one of enlightenment, resolution, and inevitability. An inspiring writer and poet, he uses his gifts to propel readers on how to build self-confidence and explore their own journey of finding gratitude in everyday matters.

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