Thank You Thursday: Gratitude

Be thankful this day for gratitude.

We have a lot to have gratitude for. By saying please and thank you are simple ways to show our gratitude. As a society we have taken a lot for granted. Throughout the years technology has made our lives easier, less complicated and with less interaction. We have become a society and culture of abundance. We have become hoarders in a sense. In the sense that we have to have everything we see or advertised; anything to stimulate the senses. The reason for this is that we want to be "the one" on a subconscious level. The way we have become accustomed to being "the one" is having what Jane or John has. Not saying by any means that's wrong, but too much of one thing can be bad. Then we loose appreciation for what's important or have a misconception of what is important, because of our redefinition of self worth through abundance.

Abundance is a great thing, but it is in matter in which it is used. For selfish reasons or ill intentions will only lead to disappointment or failure in any quest. Abundance is meant to be shared with others; they can be your friends, family, peers, or total strangers. This is when positive energy is sent out and given back. Yet there is no positive nor negative energy, just the intent and the emotion behind the energy or purpose of the deed that makes positive or negative.

We have a lot to have gratitude for each and everyday. From the moment we wake till we lay our head to rest. Take the time enjoy your works', God's works' and the works' of those before you. We as a society have accomplished a lot in our short time on this planet, yet we still taken the air we breathe for granted. Just because we don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Just because it doesn't make a noise, doesn't mean it can communicate.

Be thankful this day and everyday for our lives and what we have to offer to make a difference in the world.

My Prayer

As I get down on my knees bend my head down in silence

Thanking You for each and day of life that You have given me in this world You have created for your children

Continuing on with my life as is nothing is wrong

Sharing my day with You

Meditating on every word that is spoken from my soul

Blessing whom I share my life with loving them and much as you love me

Keeping an open mind to new and to those who cross my path of life

As I lay my head sleep I pray that I wake up each and every day and if I die I’ll know it is my time for You to take my soul away to a place of bliss

This earth I will indeed miss


Thank you for conceiving me breathing life into me thank you for a caring nurturing loving understanding family

Thank you for the pain but was not the bane of my existence Your love brought me through tis true I wouldn’t be the reflection I see strong and wise I am evil’s demise a dream that extended my life another that healed my soul this is where the story is told rather old

Thankful for a lover a love to call my own having his ear to comfort me in rough times feeling his embrace to give me shelter having his everlasting love through out centuries

Thank you for my gifts and granting my wishes my prayers that is as precious as this earth



casimir1 31st July 2010 1:43 am

Great post and thanks for sharing...
"Gratitude is a Positive Attitude"…
Give thanks to our Divine Loving Goddess on this beautiful day – Namaste

Hillis 3rd August 2010 7:55 am

Hello Casimir,
I'm happy you appreciate the post and message channeled through me to share. Be well! :)


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