Thank You Thursday: Grieving

Be thankful this day for grieving.

Most people associate grieving with the loss of a love one or someone dear to their heart. What grieving really is; the loss of emotional baggage and/or attachment. This grieving process can happen at anytime, not necessarily during the passing of someone or the loss of a favorite material possession. Grieving can happen when we become more accepting of our own self. This is when we begin to let go of what we thought was us. Throughout the years we put on and carry so much it becomes normal for us to be heavy in spirit. When the awakening begins, the layers shed and begin to feel lighter. This process can create many emotions, but what makes it difficult is our denial. We have to accept our emotions to ease the grieving process.

The process can take a week to years, depending on the layers built up. Then the world becomes clear and our actions are aligned with our emotions. Grieving is a powerful process and drains the life energy only to be renewed by a more sustainable life source, "out with old, in with the new". Grieving is not sadness, it's the joy of letting go and acceptance.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the acceptance of letting go.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the joy beyond sadness.

Be thankful this day and everyday for shedding the emotional layers of life to become who you really are.


Breaking down barriers of energy losing substantial substance of creation through unconscious thought you’re gone

Through a form of suffering can you regain a sense of self finding yourself in a situation faced with one choice

Are you ready to choose the lesser of you the lesser of two to be poor in spirit and rich in life

Finding balance and harmony in self pity and insanity living in air of cleverness

Not paying attention to the underline society living in a delusional state

The coexistence of form and energy leading to the wholeness of an entity bonded through self preservation

Rising sensations the dark half the light will last shining through all mask of self imposed images

Blending instincts taking notice of the present flow of substance the shift of energy to dissolve the life excess

The solution of soul told when you are gone taken back to life itself stillness creates space and elevation

Knowing you brings answers to questions lying within the conscious mind the solution of dissolving confusion dysfunction and bring clarity and peace



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