Thank You Thursday: Guardians

Be thankful this day for guardians.

The guardians are the gatekeepers of our lives. They keep us safe from all harm. They come in many forms, family, friends, lovers, and even pets. Most of the guardians watching over us are from our long ancestry line. They can even be connected to us from a previous life, if you believe in reincarnation. Their sole purpose is to protect and guide us. Now you may be asking yourself if they are suppose to keep us safe, why is there violence or why do I get physically or emotionally hurt. The answer to that is simple; we don't listen or pay attention to the signs presented to us to keep us safe and healthy.

Sometimes when they say mother knows best, it's for a reason, when you get a chill or a funny feeling, it's for a reason, when a trusted friend or advisor tell you something is a bad idea, it probably is. When our own alarm system fails, then it's up to our guardians to do the work to warn us. We have to take responsibility for our actions, though there have been warnings. Yes in retrospect we see the signs through an analytical process, and then it's too late. Hopefully we saw the signs enough to recognize them so we can avoid a similar or particular occurrence again.

We have to understand that one's life is not free from pitfalls or down winds, however our guardians makes it easier to recognize the signs. They make it plain enough in a way each person can individually understand. This is to make our life here on earth easier. You can't say "I didn't see that coming" and when you do it's because you didn't pay attention to what the world is showing you. There are people in this world who missed out on many opportunities that where presented to them. When the world, God gives you something, it can be taken right back or passed on to someone else who will make use of it.

The guardians are here to reveal to us the knowledge we seek. It's what we do with the knowledge that separates us, to becoming a whole. The connections to feel to a person, place or object, it because they are on the same frequency they we are on, or the place and object holds a special meaning, it represents a moment of growth in our lives. The guardians show us the way to live, to use our gifts, to truly be who we are, the light of life. They are the invisible teachers and we are the light workers. The guardians are spiritual energy just like us. They in pure energy form and we are in a solid state.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the watchers of our lives.

Be thankful this day and everyday for alarms and the signs we give notice and awaken too.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the reasoning and meaning an angel has brought to us.


A perfect being times seen and often heard

Watches over ones left behind and others that are kind

Help those in need and others that stray

Purity and innocence is regained through fire and brimstone this remains

One who steps in your life’s path

Blinders are taken off first look as free as can be

Growth understanding a new love of life that is incomprehensible but feels right floating on a natural high without a question why

Rescue me from stress and strife from everyday life a place where I am one with the familiar and embrace the unknown

Whether a spiritual or physical being that is sent to aid me

My Angel


YodamboY 29th August 2011 1:55 am

Beautiful Channel thanks!!! Im starting to meet and great mines haha. Really fun too!!

Hillis 3rd September 2011 7:11 am

This one is very special to me, I wrote this the morning my grandmother passed. You are very welcome Yodambo!


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