Thank You Thursday: Innocence

Be thankful this day for innocence.

Innocence is most referred to when speaking of children, yet we are all children of God. God cares for His children; we are all taken of and not forsaken. With children, it is easy for them to see the world as it truly is, because they are not tainted with the life situations we create. They don't make life or situations complex from the conditioning or images portrayed in the world. They simply see the world and people as they are. Innocence provides a clear level of clarity and truth. This level of clarity can be achieved through the awaking of life.

We all at one point wish we were children again. We still are children, just older children dealing the complexities we created. We older children help to guide the younger ones on their path. Yet we learn so much from the innocence of youth. We learn how not to judge, we learn how to truly enjoy life and so much more. I'm sure some of you may be asking yourself how do I live as a child with the responsibility of my child or maintaining life. We have to know one thing if nothing else, as children ourselves there was a unconscious level of certainty, knowing we were taken care of. Now as older children, we have go back to that way of thinking. God, the universe, the Creator, which ever you believe takes care of us. We have to listen and follow His lead.

Be thankful this day and everyday for innocence of youth.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the clarity of all life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowledge of certainty.

Age of Innocence

Young Naïve Child

Truth honesty loyalty purity

A time when the world was pure B.C.

Look in a child's eye

The tale is told as they get older they are taught to lie and deceive just by vision

The innocence is stripped down to the bare bone

Trials and tribulations you are put to the test

Push you to the limits

See if you are the best

Yes I confess I crack under pressure

Use the mind as a measuring cup of knowledge acknowledge the fact your born innocent convert to a life of sin you must die to be born again

Trust gone

Loyalty fades like the day then dawns fear

Insecure about your actions

A mystical cross use you intuition to guide you in the path that is right

Lying there numb to the world

No emotion that can't reach any ocean but lies buried in the sea

Eyes open



Lost in another dimension

Struck by a notion faith is the potion that reaches all oceans

Learning to love again

Love as I see

Once taken now my heart aching

Walls are my defense cold is my feeling laughter is my life

Content bent on a world conquest


Stubborn to feel thrilled with emotions

Turn around be set free

Free as the wind

Heart beating like rain on the pavement

Nature's elements bring the walls down

Erosion has taken place

Innocence can not be regained

Lost forever

One day wake up and we will be changed not deceived

Eyes open to all

Not sleep walking

Not the walking dead

Awake and alive

This life you decide

Guilty or innocent



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