Thank You Thursday: Kindness

Be thankful this day for kindness

Kindness is another form of gratitude. When we perform genuine acts of kindness, they lift us to place of joy. This joy carries us to continue these acts and opens us up to receiving kindness from others. These acts can range from simple politeness to complements. Think about how it feels when someone complements your appearance, opens a door for you or lift you up when down. Kindness is disappearing in our culture. When we had more patience, we were kinder to our fellow man. Kindness is our sun, it gives us life, it gives up something to smile about and it increases our love. Kindness is an extension of love, though seldom expressed. Somehow in the last six decades the kindness we shown each other have faded. Is this the result of feeling the certain classes of people are better than others? I leave this to you to answer. Personally there were times in my life I felt better than other classes. I know there were others classes that felt better than me. I now understand we are are equal! How do we see pass the shroud others create to see they are like us. We have to see who we truly are first. This truth is in our mirror. This truth is in our actions, treatment towards others and where we live.

We have to be kind to the place in which we live, for it will be kind to us, protect us and sustain us, the earth. Just as when we are ill, we are weakened and don't function properly, same goes for the earth. Just as we carry billions of bacteria on and in us to keep us healthy or make us sick, so does the earth. We are the billions of bacteria on the earth making it sick with our lack of kindness and patience! Remember the earth was here before us along with other species and it will be here after us. We must show kindness to our personal and collective spaces. Our kindness is felt by the earth. It appreciates our efforts in keeping it healthy. The acts of genuine kindness are rewarded. To fulfill these acts of kindness our hearts must be open and allow ourselves to feel the intuition emanating from us and others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the joy kindness offers.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the equality kindness brings.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the universal healing kindness brings.

Taken for Granted

Here one day and gone the next

If I would have made a bet I’d loose and we all lost a treasure by all measure of life

A priceless gift given and squandered

Hindering all growth to proceed in the true purpose of life

Dreaming of how life should be

Picturing of how life is

 Knowing we can make a choice in how to live

Receiving a gift and direction in how to use it

Knowing that’s your purpose

Accepting the truth of actuality

Bringing joy to others from the soul of you

Talented and gifted

We are free living beings

Now this gift has gone

Has passed

We all take notice of the hole visible in plain sight

Once was there in us and around us to use willingly and appreciate with a whole heart

Piece by piece the hole has gapped and sapped our life

Then to be repaired and filled with ill and empty substitutions

We all know what we have while it’s here

Yet wait till it’s gone to appreciate a gift

A treasure

A life

Take time to be awakened through the sunrise in you

Share the light given for all to appreciate



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A visionary with an authentic soul, Hillis Pugh’s journey has been one of enlightenment, resolution, and inevitability. An inspiring writer and poet, he uses his gifts to propel readers on how to build self-confidence and explore their own journey of finding gratitude in everyday matters.

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