Thank You Thursday: Little Things

Be thankful this day for the little things.

The little adds up and makes a real difference in the world. It's the little things that help our dreams come to reality. All the little things add up to one big thing. Most of us go through each day doing little things, such as prayer, eating, brushing our teeth, getting dressed, waking up every morning, basically the daily routine. It's that routine to help us be thankful for life, especially when we become more aware of our habits and routines. Yet we become upset when the routine is broken; sometimes feel lost, confused and still we find a through the fog. Then we become happy and joyful when we know all is not lost, that we can find a new way.

When someone smiles at you or pays you a complement, you feel great, because someone took notice. When we pay attention to the smallest detail of life, it can and often does make a difference. People can tell when you are happy, content, or just plan mad. Who you are shows and it hurts worse when you cover up who you really are. Someone very dear to me said once "always be good to yourself", because when you are good to yourself the whole world is good to you.

Be thankful for this day and everyday for effort you put in creating yourself.

Be thankful for this day and everyday the little things and how much of a difference they make in your life and others.

The Right Place

Radiate with positive energy flowing through universal atoms in a life to too broad to be too narrow in the taste that is served with the true nature of self

Endure of a content polar existence coupled with diverse dynamic to achieve personal enlightenment only to gain confusion became a victim of disappointment and laced with tears of heartache

Searching deep within calling to the heavens a recollection of the reflection this is me then when time made amends pretend it wasn’t defend the cause bend the rules through clarity

Seizing believing in the identity laid and the persona projected then unified to the complete we happiness begins to protrudes

Deeper excavation and analysis produced a transformation of a new level of freedom from self no explanation needed just accepted

Sought answers to questions of self and accepted to understand the path opened from prayers answered

Grace sent down from the heavens and had mercy upon my soul to bring the enlightened rewarding life awaiting to be brought to the right place

The right place chose thoughts exchanged focus and channeled resonating the dawn of a new design

My place the who abides with the right of will surrounded by lime stone own to correct displaced destiny

The place of free flowing energy coupled with utopian feelings accompanied with a glowing smile the welcome to the right place



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A visionary with an authentic soul, Hillis Pugh’s journey has been one of enlightenment, resolution, and inevitability. An inspiring writer and poet, he uses his gifts to propel readers on how to build self-confidence and explore their own journey of finding gratitude in everyday matters.

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