Thank You Thursday: Responsibility

Be thankful for responsibility.

Not to confuse accountability and responsibility, accountability is the ownership of the actions taken and responsibility is the awareness of the action. There are a few alternate results for the actions we take; however most of us are unaware of the actions. We live most of our adult life on auto pilot or subconsciously. As children, we are programmed by our environment and observations of what actions to take when various situations arise. Seldom as adults have we learned new responses to situations in our new surrounding environment. We react to similar situations from learned behaviors or pre-programmed reactions from childhood or other adult situations.  With us acting instinctively or subconsciously, we are not aware of what it was we’ve done.

The subconscious mind only lives in the now; for example, someone who is temporarily insane. They can kill a loved one, steal or act out any other abnormal behavior not natural to them. When the action is completed, the person is in shock and disbelief. They were not aware of their action, yet they still have to take ownership of it. How can we become more responsible for our actions or any other facet of life? We have to reprogram ourselves.

Take a look at the various CEOs and entertainers who lived a life of poverty, before their lives changes. They all had a story, were a product of the environment and was a static. Of course they had to first take ownership of the actions they desired to take. Once they made the conscious effort, they became aware of the actions taken. The conscious mind is like a time machine and a computer. It can go back and forth in time, to plan out our relative lives and relive moments. It can also override pre-programmed behaviors. Reprogramming is definitely harder than is sounds. Think about how hard it is to reprogram a computer if you don't know how.

Just think about it, we have rewire decades of pre-programmed learned actions, thoughts and behaviors. It can a bit taxing at first, but it can be done. The first step to reprogramming is to become consciously aware of our actions, thoughts and behaviors. There are various methods to do this, find what best suites you. Once we become aware of our ownerships, life become simpler and more joyful. As individuals we must make an effort to change, but you have to desire and be the change filling your heart. This awareness is of love and joy for self, without those, what is left.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the protection the subconscious mind gives us. 
Be thankful this day and everyday for the awareness gained through conscious effort.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being the heartfelt changed desired of self.


The universal language we all know and see yet ignore constantly searching for the answers that are staring at us

Prayers sent up in hopes of the release of a life of wrong turns wrong people sensing things can be better by letting go

It’s for you to see an only for your and be ignored for so long wheels spent passion gone broken down

The inner strength regained from the cycle of pain where the attention was given now living fluidly




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