Thank You Thursday: Secrets

Be thankful this day for secrets.

Secrets are thought of as bad thing to have, especially in any close relationship. The reason for this thought process is from our conditioned thinking. When we think of secrets, we think of something that is hidden or thoughts or feelings that are hidden or not expressed. What is your real purpose of having a secret? Of course something to keep to yourself, but why do we keep it to ourselves. Is it shame or fear from judgment, something we are embarrassed about, or something we treasure. There are many reasons for secrets, much to our own reason. The reason why most of us have a secret is because of sacredness with the secret.

There are times in our lives something of great importance or magnificence happens and we want to treasure that moment. That moment was meant for you to experience alone and to understand. If we shared everything in own lives, there will be no special moments to share. Not saying that we shouldn't share what we have or experiences meant for you and someone else. There are somethings in own lives and world that should be left sacred. It is up to you to determine share or hide the sacredness you hold close to the soul.

Be thankful this day and everyday for treasured moments.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the sacredness of life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to share ourselves.

Where are Your Secrets Kept

Pages bound by leather

Mind bound by echoes

Ears bound by sound

Eyes bound by souls

Attempt to conceal

Thwarted by the intrusion of a night soldier

Mirror image contusion confusion

Need resolution

A bottle traveled from water to shore through time

“Rescue me”

A message someone else wrote

I can be buried deep within me

Someone aid me


The lies told to hide deny the truth regardless of how minor the sound to come out

Astound those that surround

Living inside from outside

A clown

Set free from the chain of words told in confidence

Words of inner mystery

What I keep

Pages of the mind

My peace

My key

To release me



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