Thank You Thursday: Service

Be thankful this day for service.

We all have been of service to others in our life, whether if it was to our employer, family member, friend, even a stranger, or ourselves. There are times when we perform acts of kindness, a noble or good deed out of reluctance; we hold it over person's head. Most acts of service are carried out with a level of fear, obligation or selfishness with expectation. Example, you do a favor for someone, then a few weeks later you need something, you approach the person and ask the favor, they may say, "I'm sorry I'm unable too", then you say, "Remember when I did that favor you." In this manner you expected something in return when then act was preformed and now the expectation is lessened and transformed to guilty place upon the individual. The same thing can happen if you live with a roommate, spouse or family member, who always expects acts of service or kindness. This is not good for your soul, because you are performing a service out of fear. Example, if I don't do this they will be upset with me, etc.

Acts of service, kindness, and generosity are meant to heart felt and genuine acts without expectations. How do you know if they are genuine acts or if someone really is in need? Knowing the difficulty of this considering the society and times living in, the voice of consciousness will let you know. Your spirit will move you to aide others in their time of need. No matter the circumstance, you'll be ready to service another when the opportunity presents itself. We are meant to help each other daily, not just during the holidays or special events, or opportunities. There is a heartfelt joy when we know our deed has helped another. This is a joy that will continue to grow as we genuinely help others. We all have a part to play in the service of others. Just because “Tom” is volunteering at a shelter doesn't mean you have to as well. Find what speaks to your soul.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to be of service to others.

Be thankful this day and everyday to free from the guilt, fear and obligation of service to others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for genuine acts of service towards your brethren.

Shell of Life

A vessel to sustain the energy contained given life too

Divinity set in motion
A process of awakening
Being close to home

Lifeless atoms charged with purpose
Fathomlly connected with unity

All made up of one life
One energy
Different reasons
One goal

Great care is desired for a fragile shell easily shattered by devices not of this world

Sending out an S.O.S
Save Our Souls
Save Our Shell
Save Our System
Save Our Skin
Save Our Senses
Save Our Strength
Save Our Society
Save Our Spirit
This call can only be answered by the energy within

A vessel no longer a shell
Now unified with energy of life
Born again to the awaking action
Welcoming the familiar and embracing the unknown

The full circle one life to the next an expression of the energy given life too



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