Thank You Thursday: Solitude

Be thankful this day for solitude.

When most people think of solitude, they of someone being forced or choosing isolation. Solitude is moments of escapism for the world we know, the world we created. It's moments of peace, time taken to sit in stillness to better observe and severe self. Not by any means is solitude being selfish. It's giving to self to be better, to grow and understand who we truly are to better serve humanity.

When all is quiet around us we can hear ourselves, we can hear others, we can hear God. We can hear our spirit speak to us, direct us and transform us. Solitude is also a form a quiet meditation or a silent prayer. This time is allowing your true heart's desire to be known to self. With this time and knowledge, you can better serve the world on a whole new level. There is plenty for all to do, to have and to give. Take the moment of peace to see self and purpose intended through gifts given and talents learned.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the mind escaping the world to find peace.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the creation of stillness with self and the world around you.

Be thankful for this day and everyday for moments of peace and the guidance given to us to move forward in this life to prosper and fulfill our purpose.


I am a painter of words

The pen is my brush

The paper is my easel

Painting mental images of serene beauty

Love that was is and will be

Someone knocks on my door of thoughts interrupting my flow now there you go

Gracing me with your presence

Rearranging my thoughts

Lost my train

Composing my themes of this present human being

A classical tale of prose unraveled dazzled by the notes played the words written and the images produced

Caught up with my train

Alone with my thoughts expressing how I feel how I create time and space

Infinite for as long as it takes

Solitude shutting out the world’s bad news at peace one with myself the world ceases to exist

Floating on a natural high that this time has created thinking preparing for my future

My destiny this solitude has created for me




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Hillis Pugh

A visionary with an authentic soul, Hillis Pugh’s journey has been one of enlightenment, resolution, and inevitability. An inspiring writer and poet, he uses his gifts to propel readers on how to build self-confidence and explore their own journey of finding gratitude in everyday matters.

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