Thank You Thursday: Strength

Be thankful this day for strength

No matter the situation, we have he ability to summon the desired and necessary strength. As a society, as a culture, we are unconsciously caught up in other people situations or world's drama, that we make it our own. In doing so, we take on the energy that comes with it. In taking on the energy, we lose focus on ourselves and what need to do as an individual to be aware and appreciate self. In taking on others' energy we do things unconsciously, and then we take a moment and ask ourselves, "why did I do that?"

That question is the first glimmer to be awakened. Once we are here, we become now. Once this transition has taken place, the world looks and becomes different. Then we can be in the world and apart of life without taking on the energy of others'. We build a cushion, "a personal space" around us to live life with joy, passion and purpose. The energy is our strength, having the ability to create change and shift our personal strength. This is the will of life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to summon the necessary strength.

Be thankful this day and everyday for our personal space.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the will of life.

Positive Strength

Positive strength one's faith belief in yourself looking deep within and never give in negative that surrounds you the crown

The weight of the day to day pray He'll answer your call the line in never busy He'll alter your long distance plan be patient and you'll soon realize the alteration with understanding and clarification

The unconditional love of two the amazement of accomplishments the astonishment of joy the completion of two halves

Positive strength will rule the day an inner voice you hear don't you fear bringing you the information you need planting a seed to be nurtured

Finding the words to calm your nerves finding the words to bring a joyous smile finding quite moments and asking for strength for the day Visualizing analyzing defining your life as it is how it should and how it will be

His love His gifts to you are everlasting the warmth of the morning sun to wake you His smile the embrace of rain to comfort you His mercy His grace His love the rest is up to you though living in a world of fools and ignorance what can cure this pestilence

Find the love and strength within and defend your temple

Seek and understand the blessings given living in peace and honesty with yourself you'll be living in honesty with the world

Say goodbye to all the tears you've cried to all the negative energy that surrounds you now restore yourself now a star now strong now moving on breathe in the good air that carries you to the clouds above and beyond with new found strength a positive new

Lord I Love You



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