Thank You Thursday: Awakening

Be thankful this day for awakening.

Awakening is the process of realizing your authentic self. Our authentic self is the purest, simplest form of self. As children we are born in our authentic selfness. Throughout the years of experiencing life and individually becoming what the collective creates, we create layers of illusion. The layers of illusion create a false sense of who we are. We believe what we project about us to the rest of the world. The projection is only temporary, we have to keep refocusing the source of the projection to maintain or recreate the projected image. The question now becomes how do we fine tune this projection to our true self, to be our authentic self?

To be our authentic self takes courage to be honest and accountable for all actions, thoughts and behaviors. Individually, we have to put our self under a microscope to analyze self and take some if not all responsibility for the conditions and circumstances we find ourselves in. Know we do have the ability to create and shape our personal and collective world. When we play the victim and the blame game, we lose the accountability of self. How can we be honest with self if we refuse to be accountable? We can't! Being honest with self can be emotionally painful, especially if we have been blinded or medicating self for so long. Honesty comes from the place deep within us to share and be real with self and others. Now we are living in a space where sugar coating no longer serves self or others. Leave the sugar coating to the bakers. To have the courage to look at self, honestly leads to accepting self and others as they are.

Accepting self and others can be a challenging task. Most of the time when we don't accept self, it is due to the physical, then to manifest to the emotional and spiritual low self-esteem. As a collective we are always trying some new diet fad, going under the knife, augmenting some part of us, pleasing others views about us. Was it really our own idea to change a horrible or disfiguring feature about us, or was it simply planted in the mind from being teased or attempting to please another? Our acceptance of self comes from looking deep within. Personally, I was always afraid of losing my beautiful red hair. My red hair was my identity. I did all I could to hold on to it. Then one day, I summoned the courage to shave off my hair. I came to accept the truth I was losing my hair. Like any young man, losing your hair can be tragic, at least I thought. I came to embrace the new me and look. Then came to realize my personality is not my hair, it's my spirit. We often attempt to change others base on our perception. Sometimes, we can offer the advice one needs to hear to be the catalyst to catapult them to change for the better. However, the person we desire to change must want to change as well. We can't force our way of life or thinking on anyone. Each of us is living a different experiment called life.

The life we live is an extended one from the Divine Source, We are He and He is We. To fully accept self and others we have find, share and give unconditional love. Offer self with no conditions, or expectations. The love of self is the greatest source of our strength. When we finally learn how to love self, we can enter the closing stages of awaking. Awakening happens on different levels. As mentioned earlier, we have to have the courage to look at self. Our courage exemplifies our readiness to take the first step to truly know who we are and who we are to become. We hold on to so much in our life, but why? Is it to remember the experience and share our stories? There are many reasons as to why we hold on to what we do, but at times it gets to a point, where we become the story; the story is living as us. The story is just that, an experience to share. Through the awakening, we learn to take the lessons and experiences of the life stories and share them without the emotional content. We are not the story; we are the Spirit of Divinity, helping others through personal testimony of life.

We all awaken at different levels and times in our life. It's when we choose to find our own way of acceptance of self and truly give and receive love. We reset the projections we send out unto the world, when we awaken. All others opinions and perceptions no longer matter to us, because we know who we truly are. There are days filled with enlightening realizations about self, there are days of critical judgments, there are days filled with fluid movements, but all moments minute or enormous are all miraculous.

Be thankful this day and everyday for coming into the wisdom of true, authentic self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the courage to shed the layers of illusions.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the miraculous moments we have daily.

Live Free

Living in a trace in a duality dance
conforming to societal pressure
searching within to be liberated

Introspect to the source of all with respect to the soul
a release of endorphins creating a mental high

Removing illusions of false stimuli
moving stagnate energy of awareness

Vastness is the space resided in
curiosity is the exploration of self
living just as is

Reaching for intangible voids
filling them with true authentic desires

Expression of value
expression of worth
expression of matter
expression of seen and unseen

Living with choices made
approaching the corner of clarity and wisdom
turning the corner to stand at peace and joy

Freedom is as viewed
in moments
in stillness
living as is chosen of self
free from all hindrances regrets
living in honesty of self
free to create wielding the energy within
live to be free
free to love
free to live


SpiritHeart 17th March 2011 7:36 am

Thank You with immense gratitude. Your divine message should be on the first page of Everyday's Daily Gazette.

Much Light and Peace

chezza 17th March 2011 4:18 pm

Thank you Hillis - this has helped me more than you know.

With much love and gratitude :smitten:

silencio 17th March 2011 10:29 pm

Agree with most of your messages. But as to me. the authentic self has no desires any more. It's voidness.

Hillis 25th March 2011 6:19 pm

Greetings SpiritHeart,
Thank you for the kind compliment.
Love and Blessings,

Hillis 25th March 2011 6:21 pm

Greetings chezza,
I'm grateful this message helped you.
Love and Blessings,

Hillis 25th March 2011 6:25 pm

Greetings silencio,
Yes, however the authentic self does desire to live in the true state of love and joy.
Love and Blessings,


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