Thank You Thursday: Being Committed

Be thankful this day for Being Committed.

Being committed is taking a stand for the choices made. The life we live is all by choice, and unfolds through divine planning; a planning we partake in and have the final say in how our life is to be. When there is something not going according to the life plan, we then know it was not our choice. How do we know, we can feel, sense when our life is proceeding as it should; though there are moments we sense or feel are a bit difficult, those are the lessons we chose to learn. When there is frustration with a situation or circumstance, it is time to release and move on, but if it should repeat itself, then a new way must be found in releasing the old to move forward to progress in life. In all that is done in our life, we have to be committed. There is a lot of it happening right now, just doing what is needed or so we think. We all choose to be here on Earth during this time to fulfill a role, a function and learn. Even now I am smiling, because it is of my doing, my being, and my choice I am here. The questions are now, how do we find joy in being committed to our choices and find new ways to let go of others burdens?

When we usually think of being committed, we think of marriage, a career, and more life altering decisions. Yet it is the less life altering ones making a difference, such getting up to go to work, or what am I going to eat today. These are the types of choices we have to bring awareness and joy too. We feel we have to do something because we "have too" or it’s a "means of survival". This is an old way of thinking; we are fulfilling an obligation to self, because we choose too. This is our time to be who we are and express it. However as previously stated, if there is a situation or circumstance hurting your soul, your soul made the choice to move on, but our brain wants us to stay put out of fear, telling us there is nothing better. Being committed is living through faith, knowing there is better and it has already happened. This was/is a personal lesson and the hardest one for me to learn. I am personally a surreal/abstract being, yet very concrete. I was and times still rely on my five senses. It has been a slow moving process to trust myself and the choice made. When we move to a place of trusting self, we live with faith and love, knowing no matter what happens we are taken care of. All we have is to ask for help and guidance, with genuine love.

The love given to our choices is divine. In the life planning process before we incarnate, we spend an undetermined amount of time planning our life ahead. Which lesson, situations, and circumstances, will help us be the person/soul we desire to be. We view our life and choose how it is to unfold. Upon arrival, we forget everything and allow our guardians and angels to guide us, until we get to a point of remembrance, even still we are guided. When we remember our choices, it is a deja vu feeling and our intuition takes over. In this moment we become more aware and confident in the choice(s) made. We allow our self the luxury of life glimpses in the life planning process, which is the purpose of deja vu. These are signs to let us know we are doing what we are supposed to do. When working from a place of love, we see and feel our life much clearer. However there are moments, where we get caught up in human sensations, partaking in life's tangibles we unconsciously inhibit the soul. There is nothing wrong with partaking in such tangibles, however when they take over your life and can't function unless you fulfill it, then it becomes personal medication to cover up, avoid, and disregard life, not just yours, but others. I ask you, is that loving yourself? Through personal medication, we feel on some level life on Earth has become too much to bare. How could it be too much bare if this is what was chosen by our own design? Yes we have the help to guide us, yet we have to stand up for self to be the soul we set out to be on the life journey. We have the final say in how our life is to be. 

During life we have become examples for others to live their life by, and we made the choice to be this role model. When we claim the title role model, we inadvertently create a new standard of living for self. We feel we have to always be "perfect". The fact is we are already perfect, just as we are. We have to learn to accept our self in every aspect, mentally, physically and spiritually to see our own beauty. Humanity's perception of "perfect" is skewed due to the celebrity status we give others and them being in the light. They are just like us non-celebrities. They chose their path, just as we chosen ours. Each path serves humanity on different levels. They are just examples of life, but on a much bigger scale. Some of us unload our issues, problems, desires, and all the like on others. It is ok to do so, but when we release our troubles, we have to do it in love. When we release our troubles in love, they no longer become a burden to others and the energy is not added to the collective. At times, some of us fabricate stories to receive attention, over a period of time, if done enough the future scenarios become like the story of the "boy who cried wolf". This can work in the opposite manner, someone who is truly in need doesn't get it because the person on their life of path was "crying wolf" Then the person who is seeking attention or really needs help doesn't receive it, when it really is necessary. We each become a refection for others in who we live. If we learn to accept self as we are and the choices, then we no longer burden others, but remember we have our soul group, angels and guardians to aide us.

Know we are here to help others live the life chosen. We are to be committed in the life we live and be proud of it. As a collective we share the same experiences at different times and levels. The knowledge and wisdom is not for self, it is for the collective to learn and grow as one. Though we are unsure how our life is to play out, it is our desire to gravitate to what is natural for us to live in a harmonious manner with self. Like all puzzles, life is the same, it will be solved. Through much practice and patience, we learn to trust self and be committed to all the choices made and times correct our missteps. There is no wrong choice, the just one made to follow the flow of your personal life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for living up to the commitment already made for this life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the moments knowing what we are meant to do by choice.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being in the flow to continue in being committed to your choices, just be who you already are.

Standing in Stillness


Confronting the choices made

Understanding the why

The purpose of the choice

Improvement of self

Incrementally improving others


Admittingly in a place of self-containment

Keeping safe

Protecting others and self from my choices

I am responsible

I am limited

I am afraid

Afraid of potential


Choice after choice

Already made a life time ago

For today and tomorrow

Sensing these actions are to unfold this way

As they are


The only way to follow

To proceed in the deeds signed is with clarity

Questions bring fourth the desired


Looking deep within to trust self

Already knowing the challenges

Already knowing what was needed

Witnessing the unseen as it happens


One with internal wisdom

Executing external actions with thought

My choice to do as done with acceptance of self


Standing here

Listening in stillness

I now know my choice

I now know what must be done

I am free



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