Thank You Thursday: Being in the Flow

Be thankful this day for Being in the Flow.

When we are in the life flow, all actions, thoughts, and words feel natural. The sensation we feel while in the flow is one of ease and grace. All that is accomplished while in the flow gives us and others joy. The joy exchanged is one of heartfelt desires. When we stop and listen to our heart’s desires, we then become more open to receiving what we asked for, and we give in the same manner; it's a partnership shared and given equally. Once the heart is involved in the decision making process, the brain has to follow and the choices are easier to make. Remember, the heart is the boss, and the brain processes the desires and chooses the proper way carry out its functions. The question now becomes, how can we be in the flow all the time?
One of many ways we can be in the flow all the time is to become aware of what we are giving and receiving. We can ask our self "What can I do be in my life flow?" The process of getting in the life flow is different for everyone. The process is a continuum, ever flowing and changing to meet the natural vibration of the soul. This challenge I am currently experiencing. How I am facing the challenge is from the guidance from my teacher/spiritual intuit. This person has instructed me to practice an affirmation which can be done at any time, but it has to be heart felt. The affirmation is "I open my heart to receiving." You can add to it, to make it yours. With this affirmation, my life has changed and opened up in ways leading to new beginnings. Another way of being in the life flow is to be present. When we are present in the moment, we turn off our brains and allow our soul to guide us in fulfilling the desire of the moment. We surrender to the vibration we are outputting to receive the matching incoming frequency. Remember, what we output is what we get back. We can practice planning our days. This aids us expecting the unexpected. Day planning consists of us setting forth the intention of what is desire in our day to come the night before. Once the intention is set from the heart, see what goodness is to follow. One more way we can be in the life flow and my personal favorite is gratitude. When we express gratitude, we are telling the Universe we are happy for what we have and in return the Universe delivers an abundance of what is desired. All ways previously described are the same, just different ways to get in the flow. What we have to understand is the flow knows no time or space, for it is all around us.
Whatever we decide to do in our life, it has to feel natural. I do understand we all have to make a living and make "sacrifices"; however what I have come to learn there are no sacrifices, just choices. What this leads to asking a question... "Why did I choose this?"  We all learn in different ways and paces, yet we all desire to have the same thing or experience. The time in which we create is an illusion of the energy we are creating with. Time is only energy measured in increments to comprehend its fluid movements. We all desire to have more time, but what we really desire is to have more energy to accomplish our heart's desire. If we stop for a moment to view our life, we can create the time energy we truly desire. Now only if we only do things to create our higher purpose, we will have more time. When we create with the higher purpose in mind, we are in the life flow and all is effortless. Some you maybe be wondering, what is my higher purpose? The overarching higher purpose is to live in the energy of love. The individual higher purpose is to find what brings you love and love to others. It can be anything of your choosing, but know it's your choice and your chose it long ago. 
The life flow is a constant stream of energy. Think of it this way, a river constantly flowing, rushing rapids, where you never know what to expect, yet you navigate through it easily. When we are in the flow, life becomes more intuitive and we trust ourselves more. With more trust, comes more confidence. On the same note, some of us are aware of what life flow is, but afraid to jump in. What harm can it do? The life flow is the Universal flow in which we came from. While in the flow, we expand our consciousness and allow the old thought patterns, behaviors, preconceptions, and experiences to fall away. We create our life with more conscious energy. With each newly created thought, our soul expands creating new pathways. This is an on-going process, constantly transitioning from one path to the other. All the paths run together, parallel and connected, just like life itself. Each soul is connected and unites for a higher purpose to learn from one another or repair the bridge once created. All life is one, a Singular Entity experiencing life in many facets.
The Singular Entity is Us and We are It. The life flow or natural sensation felt is one in the same, yet only experienced differently from the Expression (God/Self) to experience different situations and outcomes. What works best for some, may not work for others. The life flow is all about tweaking personal life experience to reach and be the best and most authentic self. When we live in the flow, we express our truth and Our Truth becomes the Universal Truth. Know we are One and sharing the same life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the life flow in which all things we create with love from our heart.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the brain to follow the heart to bring forth desires chosen.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the ease and grace we live daily from living in the flow emanating from our heart.
Same Sentiment
Longing for the same desired outcome
Manifesting different paths

How do I get to where my heart wants
Members of my group offering advice
The path of an open heart allows for flexibility to learn life lessons
The lessons we choose to learn
We all desire to evolve
To reach and be our higher self
To be that of what is desired is to be love
Love brings freedom
To be free is to have love for self and others

All we have is one
The oneness in us longing for the same thing



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