Thank You Thursday: Energy of Love

Be thankful this day for the Energy of Love.

Love is an unmistakable feeling. Love is more than just an emotion allowing us to express ourselves to each other. Love is an energy of emotion flowing through us to experience the totality of life as our higher self and for the good of ALL. Whenever there is a lack in our life, it is due to the lack of the energy of love. In order to overcome such ideas and thoughts, we have to pour love into the place of lack to create transformation. When creating transformation, we are bringing forth energies already there. The energies were just at one point unseen or felt. The energy of love allows us to see with an open heart and mind what was already there; it brings all into focus and a new awareness. How do we bring the energy of love into our life to bring about the desired transformation?

Love is a force and allows us to experience all earthly sensations. Love is the source of all other emotions. Love allows us to have courage, joy, grief, anger, sadness, peace and all the like. Without love we couldn't experience life as it should be. Yes life does seem difficult at times when we are learning our life lessons, yet it is love to see us through. It is the love of self, self-preservation, love of growing and evolving. We as spiritual beings are meant to grow and transform. I personally can't imagine staying the same person during my time on Earth. Our experience is the experience of others. We learn and share what we know from the place of love, because of our genuine care and concern for others. However, we limit ourselves to share what we know and assisting others to friends and family. Occasionally, we assist others we don't know from a connection or a loving feeling to help a stranger. We have an abundance of love on varying levels to share and experience. Love is a force making the world go round.

The love we carry for self and others is a natural one. It is our human brain getting in the way of experiencing the full levels of love. As toddlers, we only knew love and curiosity. We walked through life wanting to know what this was or how does that work and simply saying "mommy, daddy I love you." Then we expressed true unconditional love. Through the harsh lessons of life and conditioning of parents, we have lessened the feeling of love and reserve for those closest to us. When we withhold such powerful emotions and stay guarded, who do we hurt the most? Self. We don't ever want to feel rejected, hurt or pain again so we decide to unplug and turn off all receptors. Love is for everyone, yes it will take time to heal and undo the conditioned work of past generations, but it can be done. We are moving towards a more harmonious, loving place with Self and Universe. Love is independent and is limitless.

Sit for a moment and remember how it feels to love and be love, without fear. Feel the warm sensation, the loving embrace of a loved one, notice the unbridled joy and unconditional love given and received. One love is all love. This is a sensation and energy already known to us as spiritual beings. Love is honest and brings clarity to any situation when present. Sometimes we do and say things in the name of love, but is it really? Do we do and say things for our own selfish reason. I would be one to admit at times, yes. However while in the moment we are not aware of such things, because we are feeding our ego, by giving what it craves. Sometimes being human, we latch on a certain sensations or situations to continuously feed the ego, when we are thinking we are feeding the soul. In time we learn the difference between the two. With love there is a natural flow and all things are preformed effortlessly. With love there is no second thought, there just is. Yes we do get upset when our love is not returned, because we put a condition on it. When love is performed with pure intention; it's unconditional and removes all expectations. So now what do we do... Just be!

When we are whole with self and one with the Creator, then we come to an understanding of love. This understanding is different for everyone; however the energy of love is the same. We can't expect others to feel what we feel, yet we shouldn't let it get in the way of expressing our true loving nature. We are innately spiritually loving beings. We love more than we lead on. Allow your spirit to be open in receiving and giving love at your comfort level and grow. Your life will transform when you are in a natural flow of love energy. Pour love into every situation, thought, idea, and action. Be who you are already, a loving being with a lot love to give. Remember love is abundant!

Be thankful this day and everyday for the energy of love transforming your life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the many sensations love brings us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the natural expression of love.

I'm Not Done
(Dedicated to my dear friend Quincy)

Looking at adversity in the face
seeking mercy
relief from the anguish

Understanding why the enduring pain lingers
making the choice to learn the lesson presented to endure

Living through self
being a witness to attest the challenges
creating a new outcome

Cutting loose the excess
leaving debris
a whole new entity to please self

Waking from haunting dreams and lost memories
finding out who am I
I'm not done

A new path of discovery
leading to an evolved Soul
now in control

It takes a little to be a lot
true self
a spark
a light
a force of wielding energy

Make a difference to be
to know
to feel the source of self

I'm not done growing
I'm not done evolving
I'm not done
I'm  an ever glowing light making a difference

I'm filled with the tenacity
I endure all
I am a storm of change
I'm not done
I am here


queens4freedom 16th June 2011 8:58 am

thank you, darling. every day i try to round up new hope and energy to meet the new day's challenges. my body and heart are exhausted, in pain, but still committed to our evolution. your message is a ray of hope for me. love and blessings, angelique

victor 16th June 2011 10:00 am

Hi Hillis,

Another fantastic article on Love.
I visited your site and read more of your articles.Your site should have/be more wordings on the uplifting of the Human Spirit.(For those people who quickly want to type in words to find a site for inspiration.)
Thank you Thursday for this informative inspiring and upliftment article.Thank you for helping and healing our world.


Hillis 19th June 2011 8:42 am

Greetings Angelique,
You are welcome and I'm glad to know of your commit, keep going! Love and Blessings, Hillis

Hillis 19th June 2011 8:45 am

Greetings Victor,
I'm glad you find the writings inspirational. Please continue to enjoy and share the inspiration with others! Be well, Hillis


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