Thank You Thursday: Family

Today have an appreciation for Family.

Over the past year of my life, I lost my aunt and mom. My immediate family. I then met my biological father. I experienced both sadness and joy in such a short period. After a period of loss and gain, and being on a rollercoaster of emotion, the definition of family was reshaping. My thoughts began to drift in the search of "what is family?' Growing up, I always had a rigid definition of family, mom, dad, aunt, grandmother, and all those related to you by blood. I began to understand family is more than the one born into. In the past year, I have learned that family is more than blood, it is those who love and care about your well-being, whether you are aware of it or not, even if you don't seek help but have comfort knowing it is there. The word family is a neat way to package our conventional and conditioned thoughts about what a family is and does. The fact is, anyone who cares about you on unexpected and unconditional levels is considered family. How can you tell when one expresses such levels?

At times the signs are obvious of such great care, such as a phone call when you're ill, random acts to make you feel good, just being their true self, and many other signs of true self-expression. We forget that when there is a person in our life willingly giving all they have to offer, they genuinely care for us, there is no motive. How can you tell if they are being authentic? Trust your intuition. This person in your life willingly giving of themselves is often a spouse or a best friend. What about those extending beyond this intimate circle?

The ones outside this intimate circle bring the most appreciative reactions. This is because those in our circle, we expect to live up to a certain expectation. They are the ones who know us best and expect them to act and be a certain way. However, those outside our circle arrive by being in alignment with where we are in our life. This is a call we put out to the Universe asking for guidance. This call is answered on a Soul level. Once answered, this relationship can be long lasting or short lived. Though contact or communication may not be constant, yet it leaves a strong impression on the soul. This could be due to us signing a soul contract with them, just like our biological family before we incarnated on the planet. This contact is made for any number of reasons, but one being of spiritual growth. Most agreements made are of spiritual growth. These people/souls we meet serve a greater purpose than we are physically aware of. When we allow our soul to come into alignment, the desired souls walk into our life, and they often enhance our experience, teach new things, and expand our thoughts. Our curiosity is fed.

As I journeyed in the past year rethinking about family, I now understand a family is both spiritual and biological. A family is one of growth, communion, and allowing. My thoughts of what a family should be changed dramatically, after losing my immediate one. Yet it doubled in size because the friends of my mom and aunt became mine. I met my dad, brother, and sister. And gained a whole new family, mi familia. Growing up thinking one way and then having to rethink a new, changed my whole perspective on the definition of family. 

Webster defines family as the following: 1. A group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head. 2. A group of persons of common ancestry, clan.  3. A people or group of peoples regarded as deriving from a common stock, race. 4. A group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.

By these definitions, we are family. We are one ginormous family. We are one family with One Source. By us coming from One Source, we are infinitely connected, even though we may not interact with each other physically. We still learn, share, empathize, and care for one another thru our senses and spirit.

Dear ones, I am here to let you know, no matter how you feel, there is always someone there to support you. Family is a support system that is intricately connected and hears you and shows up when you allow it too. This is the important part, you have to allow the guidance, and love to come thru. You have to allow and give your permission for help dear ones. We are here watching and listening, but without permission, we will idly stand by. Family is there for you and is up to you to allow the help you want. 

Today have an appreciation for the family you are born into.
Today have an appreciation for the family you have aligned with.
Today have an appreciation for the family you have allowed into your life.

Thank you for the LOVE

Thank you for the love given

Thank you for the love asked

Thank you for the love of self

Thank you for the love in you

Thank you for the love of the collective

Thank you for the love united

Thank you for the love seen

Thank you for the love heard

Thank you for the love felt

Thank you for being love

Thank you for the love taken over

Thank you for the love of oneness

Thank you for the love unending

Thank you for the love enduring

Thank you for the love in action

Love manifested

Love is pure

Love is simple

Love is creation of all things

Thank you for the LOVE


debs go lightly 14th August 2016 5:46 pm

Thank you Hillis for your love :)

and for the reminder to give permission.

Much love and happiness, Debs.


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