Thank You Thursday: Honor

Be thankful this day for honor.

As a collective we perceive honor as upholding our personal commitments or promises to others. With this thought process, we misconstrue the meaning of honor. When we make a commitment or promise to someone else, what is the reason behind it? Are we keeping a commitment not to disappoint someone else or their perception of you? As spiritual beings first, we are genuinely kind to others, however we care not to disappoint others and alter the relationship through others perceptions. We do ourselves harm by not living up our own self commitments and perceptions. The questions now becomes, what are our commitments and perceptions of self?

As individuals we have different morals and ethics. When we (individually) have doubts or fight with self, we lack the honor in the choice made not in alignment of our moral or ethically code. Our personal honor lies in us not crossing the line of personal choices made from those moral and ethic codes. Our reaction to choices faced daily is the upholding of our personal honor. Daily we are times challenged to cross the personal line we created. Though each challenge is a reminder of the strength carried in you. The strength to know you matter. The strength to know you respect your honor and choices made from the center of all life. Now we have to stop and think about the times where we didn't respect our own choices. If we take the time to give each thought the honor and respect it deserves, think of how much better we would feel daily. How can we as individuals find honor in the choices if there is no honor in what you choose? Every choice serves a purpose. In honoring our choices, we are honoring our purpose.

As a collective, honor behaves bit differently. We live in a space where we are blending energies (thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc.). We have individuals in the collective who are reckless and push the boundaries. Not saying that it's wrong. We need the free thinkers to help evolve humanity. It's those who judge or criticize the "radical ones" who offer less honor for their choices. Remember we are one unit functioning with different thought processors and perceptions, yet with the same goal. All in the world is subjective. All thought comes down to personal choice. Right now in this moment there are other people reading this same message and relate to it differently. Those reading this have different interpretations or receive the desired message. As a quote from one of my favorite songs, "to know the truth when here it or deny the truth when you know it". As collective we know the truth, yet as individuals we view it differently. As a collective we are tuned into many different frequencies, and this is the reason why there are so many messages, choices and perceptions. Each message, each perception of truth is carried on a different frequency for each individual to get what is desired. As a collective we have to become more open to others thoughts, ideas and perceptions to become whole and truly unified as a spiritual collective.

Having honor is knowing our highest self and respect the guided choices made to govern the sole purpose. Our highest self is Divine and is of pure light. Both as a collective and individuals we have to find the honor in remaining open to the channels where our respective messages come from, in doing we create a whole humanity. If we have honor for self we should have honor for others. Our highest good comes from the love and honor given to self and others. Honor is knowing the line created and upholding it with the greatest intention and integrity.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the honor given to self and living your highest truth.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the honor given to others and respecting their choices to be their true self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for upholding the integrity of honor of self and others.

Bare Sorrow

Tears flowing into streams
flooding into rivers
carried to oceans
raining down storms

Walking bare foot
exposed to the sun
leaving a trail luminated by dust

Crumbling to salt all origins
suspended in the time before me
at rest
at peace

Searching for answers in a clouded place to lift the burden's burden
who's to bare
who's to blame

A wisdom creating a cycle of exchange
birthing and rebirthing  
woven by hands of own and not

The land is me and we live the sea flowing effortlessly
I'm the air and we share flames tenderly

Living in the shell stark arc of all creation

Leaving chaos
accepting intervention
knowing purpose
sharing love


josmoking 30th December 2010 12:35 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

Hillis 6th January 2011 10:25 pm

So True!


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