Thank You Thursday: Internal Commentary

Today have an appreciation for Internal Commentary.

What is internal commentary? Internal commentary is when we are having a conversation with our self. Well, at least this is what the brain projects. The voice(s) heard in often in our own voice, hence we believe we are speaking to ourselves, and in some cases we are. How do you know the difference between speaking to yourself and having a conversation with your Higher-Self? You don't know. You have to feel, know and believe the difference.

When there is a conversation being had with self, we often are having a debate. We say things like "Should I, Shouldn't I, or Yes or No." These debates come up when there is a worldly challenge needing an answer; only one we feel can be solved with the physical knowledge gained through experience. This is when we become more analytical. We analyze and weigh the choices at hand, calculating the risk and rewards. Yet with all the knowledge being sifted thru, we still are unsure if what comes next is the best choice. Some are so analytical that we allow for a confidant to make the choice for us. We turn over our trust and power to another. So instead of making the choice for self, we have to the conversation with another person to have the choice validated. All this does is give our power away to another so we can feel validated of have the illusion of feeling good or validated. This is how we are always looking outward to feel what we think we know. What we think we know is all our strength is outward. All the power is outward and searches to rein it in so we can feel the idea/illusion of "I did something right and this is my belief."

When we settle into our belief, any contradicting thought is incorrect. This ok until we open the mind to otherworldly possibilities. The possibility there is a force outside of us residing within may sound absurd to some. And from my personal experience, I have come to understand there is only our physical thought of an outside force, a Higher Being. This makes our understanding knowing the Higher Self, Source, All That Is easier to digest. When something is a part or separate from us, we invest time to understand it or dismiss it. What do we do when are left with the two choices, dismiss or embrace?

When we choose to dismiss something outside our belief system we choose to cut our self off from other notions and realities and live in the one we create. This can be dangerous, especially if we are always searching for validation of our truth, power, and choices. What do you think will be found? Only more of the same. When we make the choice to embrace the idea of Oneness, the idea of inclusiveness, we open up to wonderment and joy. The journey of Knowing. Once on the path to knowing, new experiences happen. The once strange experiences began to make sense. How? Because, we have opened up confirmation of the truth we all have lived with, We are As We See. We step into believing.

Now that we have stepped into believing, we are no longer searching for that was former. We have stopped our search for outside validation. We are now looking for confirmation for our truth. A truth we already know. This confirmation comes from within, our connection to Source grows. This confirmation can manifest itself in the both non-physical and physical ways. How? This can be a new conversation you are having with your Higher-Self/Source. This conversation you are having you are aware of the energy being present with you. As before when there a conversation, you were accessing the knowledge already contained. Now you are still accessing the knowledge contained, however, you notice the expansion of thought. The thought expansion lends itself to be fully understood and not just weighing the risks and rewards. The thought wants to be understood, so we have a dialogue with the thought. This dialogue we have is one of trust, value, validation, and most of all love. This is like our own personal consultant. The outcome of this process is either of feeling good or bad and how to proceed.

The internal commentary serves as buffer space. This buffer space allows for the Soul to see the choices and conversation as it is, pure energy. All we think, speak and see in this space in pure in energy. The choices proceeding this is the resulting manifestation. Taking action or not based on how we feel. And sometimes we just have to talk through a situation. This buffer space yields the energy for us of solitary communication with self to understand what is the manifestation. If we disapprove of the feeling of the visualized outcome, we can either change it or not take action.

Our connection to Higher Self/Source and all other Beings in assistance in the internal commentary grants us both the answers and peace of mind we truly desire. We create the energy and space to have such an intimate dialogue allowing for oneness, self-validation, strength, and love.

Today have an appreciation for the internal knowing we already have access to.
Today have an appreciation to step into the belief shaping your life presently.
Today have an appreciation for the buffer space to create the love and validation you seek.

It's Yours

A Creator

A Creation

An Alchemist




All is as it is

Being where is it as it should

Allowance if what is

Allowance of what is desired

Allowance of gift the gift

Allowance of what is your right

Being apart

Being whole

Being One

Being the All

Understanding the connection

There only is the connection

The light

The love

The all

It's Yours



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