Thank You Thursday: Just Being

Be thankful this day for Just Being.

Just being is simply that, just being who you already are. Who are we? We are more than organs, fluid, and a skeleton wrapped in skin, surrounded by energy. We are a soul living in a defining purpose. The defining purpose is what we chose as souls to evolve to the level of ascension. To achieve the level of ascension takes many lifetimes over. We know and understand this, innately; however we also choose the path in getting there. This path can be seen as difficult from the non-awakened mind, yet through the evolution of self we are able to see path clearer and the action of every step taken. The question now becomes, how do we just simply be?

To simply be is to lose yourself in life moments. We have been conditioned to live in the dense energy of the world, causing us to think and act "heavy". What I mean by heavy is when surrounded by dense energy, the energy of our soul shrinks and conditioned behaviors take over. The conditioned behaviors are the ones witnessed throughout life and our brain records them. We in-turn act them out, unconsciously knowing it is what is desired to be done, willingly. We as souls don't know any other way because we are still children. Regardless of the action or in-action taken, it is the will of the soul to live in the conditioned mind set. Conditioning is a set of witnessed actions, functions, or ideas recorded by the brain, and stored later to be acted out. However during this period of transition on the planet, the dense energy is being lifted to make room for the ascended mind set.

The ascended mind works together with the collective and with other ascended minds or energy not of this planet, i.e. Angels, Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu, God, and many other Masters. No matter your belief, the Ascended Masters are examples in the way lived as Just Being. Just Being allows our soul to be with the universal flow of energy. With the guidance of the Masters, we can learn to be just like them, living in oneness, harmony, and balance. While in the ascension process, we struggle with the part of our life enabling us to just be. Through conditioned thinking, we were taught to always do. There is nothing wrong with doing, as long as our purpose or intention is in alignment with being. It is the in-action of being allowing us to flow to the action of doing.

Times our action of doing is misunderstood by self and others. The reason for the misunderstanding is the lack of clarity from or for self. We all desire to be understood, yet when our intentions are unclear to self they can only lead to disruptive energy. The disruptive energy can move the soul into always doing and working from a conditioned mind set. When working from a conditioned mind set, there is a level of uncertainty when producing intentions. Living in this mind set creates thoughts of lack, worthlessness, or sabotage. It is as if we "try to hard" to make something happen even if it's to prove a point, allowing room for ego to take over and live our life. When the actions become more aligned with our being, all becomes more effortless, living in our heart space.

Our heart space is our soul, our genuine self; it is just simply being who we already are. We made the choice to be who we are now, not a fashion model, not a superstar, not an athlete, just to simply be self; unless you one of the previously mentioned, then it was your choice to be just that. We choose to inspire others through our true work and with the love given from our heart, whatever we decide to be and do.  Just being is more than sitting still; just being is knowing yourself enough to truly know who you are. This is a learning process we all endure, once we reach a point of graduation in each life, it all seems worth it to endure the life lessons. They help to shape a reshape self and the collective. With all given to us and learn by choice, we already know how to Just Be.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the alignment of our actions of doing with our being.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the examples of the Ascended Masters to live in harmony and balance of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to live from the heart space to radiate the energy of love to Just Being Self.

The Art

No  longer shrouded in dual identity
living in the truth of oneness
claiming the I am of I am

Living in compassion of the world
living in love as love
living in the lesson of examples for others

A seed of light carried and nurtured for and with light
being created with purpose
with a voice speaking to all those who listen

Being epic
being more than self realized
finally awake from a lifetime of slumber

I remember
remember the source
my creation
my purpose
fully embrace the who I am with what I am
an entity
the only word in this language to describe the whole self

Dancing in this life freely
moving about sharing of what is us
we already know what is desired equally

Wisdom is ours shared equally
commune with peers
with masters
with student teachers
with teacher students

No longer lost in the ways of the man's world
Found self to be honored in the purity of truth


Conni99 8th December 2011 9:57 am

Thank you as always for your beautiful words Hillis, your poems are so moving!



queens4freedom 8th December 2011 11:04 am

thank you. simply being returns us to the superstars that we are. enjoy! peace, love, and joy!

Hillis 5th January 2012 10:31 am

Greetings Conni,
You are welcome and I am Grateful you enjoyed poetry! It's my truth and more than happy to share it!

Hillis 5th January 2012 10:32 am

Greetings Queens,
You are welcome and I am Grateful you enjoyed this entry! Emphatically Yes, let just just BE!


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