Thank You Thursday: Life Lessons

Each individual experience is an incremental part of a lesson or challenge. These experiences add up to the total life lesson. Each individual of the collective life lesson is different, yet similar. As previously spoken, our true purpose is enjoyment, but we have to learn to experience our personal joy. As young children we learned to experience joy effortlessly. We were detached from the world and all that mattered was our joy. Also as children we learned what can hurt or harm us. This on one level protects us and on the other it inhibits us from pushing further to explore our own being. It is not until we have an awakening in a moment or realization we understand this.

Most of us play it safe in our own life and concern and times consumed with others well being. It's okay to play it safe, however think about the lesson leading up the moments where making safe decisions impacted your joy or well being. Though each lesson of the total life experience is a collective one, we are not solely responsible of others. As an earthly community, we are caretakers. We tend the well being of others through our true expression. One expression is through generosity. Generosity is a form of love, of giving of one self. The generosity is a natural expression of aiding others, whether if it's donating money, time, or self to a cause you are drawn too.

A problem can arise when we give too much of self and not willing to receive a portion of what has been given. This creates an imbalance. The other side to this is our free will. With free will come multiple paths and the ability of being a master manipulator. The choice of free will and being a master manipulator is one in the same. Like any choice there are benefits and consequences. A manipulator typically maneuvers any and most situations in to their favor by conscious will. We all have done it at one point or another.  A master manipulator wields the energy in and around them for the highest good of the moment, becoming impartial to self. We as a human collective love to have choices, yet when we meddle in the outcome, we later learn it was not in our best spiritual interest. We can constantly care for others, but who will benefit? We are here to learn and benefit from others wisdom and share what was learned. We have the ability to care for our self; the power within our self is greater than the power of others.

Each lesson learned unlocks new levels of accession. The accession felt is the release of long term beliefs no longer of service to who you are now. The question becomes, who are you now? Each moment, each lesson creates change, whether we are aware of it or not. Most life lessons take place when we are not aware of them. Then later the reason for the lesson in the said moment is reveled. Was the outcome of the lesson a desire one? Some life lessons do repeat themselves, at times more difficult than the previous one.

The reason for this is to see what was learned, if you remembered the lesson or simply to get your attention. Before we incarnate (if you believe in it), we choose our lessons and challenges for the life to aid us unlocking our full spiritual potential to wield the energy in and around us. However most of us get side tracked from the tangible sensations of being human. I'm not saying being human is "bad" thing, it just IS. Being human is a wonderful experience. Example of a tangible experience, you are at a game show and you see a barrel of money or the mystery prize. Most will take the money; others are optimist about the mystery prize. Do we want to take what is front of us or explore the possibilities of the inner-verse, us?

All the lessons learned are passed on the generation to come and yes even ourselves, if we choose to incarnate again. As spiritual beings first, we have access to a vast wealth of knowledge. Sometimes the answer for what we seek in not a book, unless we are directed or drawn to it. Most often we hold the answer to the lesson desired and usually the answer to best fit the situation of the moment we seek it. To receive the desired answer, we must be in a place of receptivity. Our lesson adds to the collective knowledge for others to access, yet our lessons are our own. No one else can learn them for us, yet others can direct or support us. Your human self must be in alignment and willing to do the work your higher spiritual self has set forth to ascend.

Be thankful this day and everyday the lessons to bring you joy.
Be thankful this day and everyday to access the divine wisdom in you.
Be thankful this day and everyday to add to the universal wisdom for others benefit.

Human Nature

Defend and never bite the hand that feeds you leads you to greener pastures lend a helping hand when you can those less fortunate are not as blessed

way of the world

tell me why

people shun those who are less than their best


No excuses no regrets loveless hurt every time your heart jerked from pain left in the wake

another causality in this love war

love me love me not gimmie gimmie

what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine

lies and deceit when we first meet

tell me why

what you do have to hide insecure lack of information the truth will cure you loose


Procreate pheromones lead to a mate for a moment exchange of bodily fluids parallel compelled to wonder to the soul mate that completes your unique mystic

tell me why

playing harmonious tune of life


Art of survival life rivals playing cat and mouse what is that about

caught up in the game one that is worthy that has no shame

tell me why

driven to be better than one-self the only competition inside


Lack of knowledge understanding brings frustration

thrown off course get on that horse and ride again

then bend rules to fit your life style

tell me why

through pain comes happiness clarity soon satisfaction


Actions happen take place for that moment in time

divinity at its best defining that moment whether it’s opportunity or intimacy

tell me why

rhyme or reason


Curiosity virtuosity astrology which may lead to man’s atrocities or man’s satisfactory a peace of mind through a rite of passage a realization of two wrong’s never equal right

tell me why

who’s inside clarity fate


What about pride envy between you and me reaching a level of spirituality humbleness made me

tell me why

acts of vanity reign supreme though some lead to precious dreams


Evolution an unquenchable curiosity and thought provoking emotions and completeness becoming one with surroundings

making stronger and wiser thoughts lessons learned makings up who we are is an everlasting nature embedded in our species

tell me why

it’s human nature



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