Thank You Thursday: Life Possibilities

Be thankful this day for Life Possibilities.

Life possibilities are the energy, the vision, and the light of hope flooding into any life situation. When we take on this light of hope we broadcast the vision of a new outcome for a situation we are experiencing. Hope is the life giving us the opportunity to change self, and the current situation. Hope gives us the strength to have faith in the open possibilities. With life possibilities, there can be numerous outcomes for any situation. We often envision the worst possibility, yet we hope for the best. Our vision creates what our heart's true desire is. The vision may be different, yet the resulting outcome is what's desired. As a society, we have learned to accept what is given to us, then times get upset when it's not what was asked for or expected, resulting in the "taking what's mine" mentality. Do we always have to be in an emotional place of desperation or always reactive to have the life possibilities handed to us? How do we create a more stable sense of self to have open arms, welcome the newness of possibilities?

As entities, we are very harsh on ourselves and times feel we deserve what we get for past behaviors. We only receive what we feel we deserve, by choice to learn a specific lesson. When the lessons pass, we are still in a place of self harm, because this is all we can conceive at this life moment. When we allow the past to be the past, we can move forward in the lesson learned and teach others from this space. Why do we hold on to the lessons from the past? We hold on the lessons because in some odd way, it's a place of comfort. The place of comfort soothes us, in a way lulls us to living a complacent life. This complacent life is at times filled with struggles, yet we are comfortable with them, yet we complain about them, instead of using our voice to change what our current life moment experience is. One of the most unique and powerful tools is our voice. Our voice, whether expressed verbally or in any other form grants us the power to open self up to the realm of possibilities in our life. In hind sight, do we really deserve what we receive?

We are humans of habit, we do what make us comfortable, even if it means bringing harm to another, whether we are aware or not. We have to remember two things, one; we are of one soul, one source and two; we have to be responsible for the energy of self. Our own personal comfort maybe someone else’s discomfort. Do we preform our behaviors from a place of comfort to medicate the situation or personal pain? We are all different in how we deal with our discomforting pain, yet we deal with it and not work through it. For some this pain drives us, for others it hinders us from being our best. When we wallow in self guilt or trauma, who do we affect? What good is it doing living from a place directly affecting self and indirectly affecting others? The habits we form are for self-protection. But why are we protecting self? Are we protecting self from feeling, from expressing self, from simply being? Personal I can say, I have protected myself from feeling, created walls, and formed self destructive habits. Only when you sit with self, free from distraction, in the light of honesty, can you see what really is and why we do what is done.

All we do or experience is from a place of curiosity, with innate knowledge of our internal and external surroundings. We know our space and see the open possibility. Imagine you are searching for a new place to live and the space is empty, we then start filling the place mentally and arranging the items in our head, we then sense a warm sensation of home. This empty space is now our home. We became open to the possibility of new expectations and experiences in living in a new space. Each life moment creates a new space in our life. Yet we cannot experience newness if we are still harboring the old. Our new space cannot co-exist with all the old junk. Just like when we move to a new living space, we get rid of all the old junk. In order to live a life of possibilities, we have to rid ourselves of the old junk. Like anything in life we have to take inventory, make a list and begin eliminating what is no longer needed. If we want to donate our junk to charity, give it to God, and He will take and knows what to with it. 

Life possibilities grants us opportunities of grow by leaps, if we see beyond what is directly in front of us. Our daily job as Spiritual Beings is to grow, expand on our life, share with others, and have fun in all we do. I understand the difficulties of living in such a manner making one uncomfortable, but that is part of the reason to be open to possibilities, to make one grow in the feeling the uncomfortable. Living in a safe place and not taking risk doesn't grow the soul. Our willingness to be open is the first step, second is to see past concrete circumstances to create a life self would be proud of and enjoy. Whatever this looks like, hold this vision in your mind's eye and allow it to flow naturally.

Be thankful this day and everyday for to release all old junk and give to God to dispose of.
Be thankful this day and everyday to welcome the newness possibilities brings in our daily life.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have fun and enjoy life just as it is!

Superior Equality

Coming from one place
one source
begin equal from creation
the first incarnation

Incarnation and time creates space
causing separations
creating illusions of better than

better than who

better than what

Less than nothing
equal to the energy within
stopping to the wielding force
the invisible

Having an understanding of am I

being a reflection for all
all being a reflection of self

Desiring the same peace
now responsible for outcomes
changing the plan or reverting back to the original plan

Intuition speaks up
the voice is heard and recognized
profound light pierces through eyes seeing the full spectrum

Guided through lessons by elders and masters before
awaken from tired acts of just making it
choosing to now take the life reigns
it is what was chosen

Now a master of equal rights of self
knowing we are all masters of our own right and design
being on one level and a master of nothing


SpiritHeart 18th August 2011 8:02 am

Thank you Dear Hills. My deepest feelings of gratitude for your weekly Thursday message.

with love and light

SpiritHeart 18th August 2011 8:02 am

Thank you Dear Hills. My deepest feelings of gratitude for your weekly Thursday message.

with love and light

victor 18th August 2011 9:40 am

An inspirational article Hillis.
I enjoy the read and I am taking some of the thoughts with me for this day.
Blessing to you and all


Hillis 25th August 2011 10:23 am

Greetings SpiritHeart,
I appreciate your gratitude for the weekly messages!
Love and blessings,

Hillis 25th August 2011 10:25 am

Greetings Victor,
I'm joyous you found reflection in the words channeled to me.
Love and blessings to you.

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