Thank You Thursday: Life Rewards

Be thankful this day for Life Rewards.

Life rewards are gifts of gratitude. As a society we have come to expect a reward for every act of kindness given. At times the act of kindness is not enough to satisfy our underlining selfish desires. Yes, we are all selfish at times, but what is the reason for our selfishness? Are we selfish because we desire more time for self, we desire to get ahead in life, we feel the world owes us a favor, or we simply don't know any better? Whatever the personal reason may be, we have to look at self and honor the act given and received, and the act of living. The question now becomes, how do we honor the rewards given to us, whether to share or take stock in?
The life reward is just what it is, a reward. As spiritual beings we are reward for simply being who we are. Our counter-part, the re-conditioned thinking, tells us otherwise. For every action taken there is an effect. The effect of acts of kindness thru conditioned thinking has become some form of material reward. We have come to a place in society where we are motivated be a type of reward. Rewards come monetarily and other materiel gifts. In the corporate world, we are compensated for bonus for a job well done, if we belong to a membership club we receive discounts for items, if someone or pet is lost, we offer money, and so on and so on. Nothing is wrong with material or monetary compensation at all, just have to question is that the reason to get involved? We get hooked in to the material world, because it sustains and excited us. It sustains us, because we have a form of stability and we are excited because there is always something new to stimulate mind. The unmotivated rewards don't excite us, so we don't participate. We are easily moved by tangible rewards. What about the rewards to benefit the soul and help others grow?
The true life rewards are those where all of mankind can benefit from. We all share the same wisdom, but access it in different ways. The non-tangible rewards, seem to move a select number of souls who wish to further their life journey and self-education. Each life reward is different for the time in your life. However the reward is the same just leveled up. We receive more wisdom to share with others and to grow self. There are a valley of seeds in our souls ready to be watered and nurtured, yet do we empower ourselves to toil the soil with the right tools? Shakti Gawain said "The universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf." We have to trust self and God to guide us on our path. As we walk on this journey, there will be many stops and choices to make. The stops will be moments of reflection and the reward to see self as we are. The choices made are the non-tangible wisdom shared with others. How do we accept the rewards given to us, if we receive them at all?
Any rewards can be easily given, but it's how we are to accept them to make a difference. We can accept them humbly and graciously or with arrogance. If we accept any reward with arrogance, we feel we deserve it as the world owes it to us, yet have we put in the work to receive such a gift? When we know we put in the work and become arrogant then we lose the purpose of the reward till we move an internal place of humbleness. When we are humble, we see things clearer, yet feel as if we don't deserve the gift we have received. There is a balance we have to come to within self to receive the life rewards.
The life rewards can times show up as material manifestations. These manifestations are non-tangible tangibles. They help to sustain our life while maintaining the integrity of our path. When we are distracted by life and folly of events, we become unfocused and unmotivated to move forward in our present life until we are more stable and secure in our life, or so we think. We get so caught up in how we are going to continue on with our life as it is, or how can we work to improve our life, that we forget about our purpose and move into flight or fight mode. At times we do need the non-tangible tangibles to keep us sane and grounded. They help to re-energize and refocus us. After we become clear, our life is more balanced. When we have a balanced life in the present life it takes on a loving and empowered meaning. We have accepted the life given as its own reward and stepped into it graciously.  When the life rewards flow in, it's a sure sign we are doing what we are supposed to. When we do something well, most people will have known we have do nothing at all.
Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize your own life rewards.
Be thankful this day and everyday to be motivated by the wisdom within self as the life reward.
Be thankful this day and everyday for your intuition to guide you in taking the desired risk to live a more fruitful life.


Noise quieted down once loud surrounded by the surreal surrender to the pounding on my brow the screams in my ear let me live

Still have my dreams free me the life lived deceased release me too many voices telling me what’s right for me I choose the path laid before me

Accepting what was done decided delivery methods methodically motivating to quivering souls quenching a spiritual thirst yet tainted to touch

Oh so quite to despite the madness resolve institutions on the mind placed in situations form mind altering contemplations distractions causes reactions of abnormal behavior

The wind breezes by with voices little noises senses open to the operatic sounds of life travels miles in short distance in us

Whispers in the dark echo in the arc bouncing from walls whaling calls to beckon all succumb to the truth let loose leaps meet finding peace


SpiritHeart 4th August 2011 4:55 pm

Thank you Hills.

THis is a treasure to keep.

With love and light

Hillis 12th August 2011 6:07 pm

You are very welcome!
Love and light to you as well!


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