Thank You Thursday: Lightworkers!

Be thankful this day for Lightworkers!

Lightworkers are older souls living with a purpose to bring peace, love, harmony and balance to Earth. They bring awareness to self and others. The task of a lightwoker is a chosen one, like all other roles in life to experience. However the lightworker had many struggles in past and current life from the non-supportive energies. The non-supportive energies broke the lightworker down; they often gave up, gave in, or practiced their work in silence. Now with the transformative energies we are currently experiencing, each lightworker is firmly supported in their role of bringing more light on Earth. The question now becomes how do we continue to support the Lightworker?
How do you identify a Lightworker? A lightworker carries many traits, some of them are shy, humble, resilient, and more of the like. These traits alone do not make a lightworker, it is the work performed and completed making a lightworker. These are the people who give of themselves in countless ways and at times felt undeserving of the rewards given to them from their works. The reason for this feeling of being unworthy is from the non-supportive energies. The universal energies of a past life or recent current life didn't support the compassion and love given from the work practiced. We created a world/society with a competitive nature and now we as humanity see living in a competitive manner no longer serves us, we are now moving to place of cooperation and compassion. With this feeling of unworthiness, lightworkers and their deeds often went unnoticed. It's not about taking credit for the work; it's about shining light on the path for each individual to make them aware of self. We are just now moving to a place where more and more people are become aware of self through self-curiosity.

When we are curious of self, then we dig deeper to find the light within self, or simply turn on the light switch. The light in-self doesn't turn on instantly; think of it as a dimmer switch. The light turns on and gets brighter gradually with more self-awareness. How do we become more self-aware? Through our life, we choose a path to make us aware of self and remember our purpose. Each soul has more than one purpose. Whatever purpose we choose in that moment is our purpose, yet there is an overarching purpose and that is to experience self through self. Yes we are human, yes we are souls, yet we are still God experiencing Itself in multiple ways and lives. We are the light of God, the Source of all creation experiencing Itself in many facets.

A quote comes to mind:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. (Gospel of St. Thomas)”

All we have to do is look within self for what is needed or desired. We often turn to external sources to feed us, feed our soul. Then we must ask what are we “hungry” for. It is ok to seek the external as long as it’s aligned with the internal. The result would be our own reflection.  We are often our own reflection, through the invitation of guidance and assistance of others. As we are going through the awaking process, we ask for guidance. When the answers or assistance comes forth, it is exactly what was asked for to help us grow. However we can refuse the guidance or assistance out of fear. Remember if we stay in a protective state, how can we grow and nurture self or others? Think of it this way… the plant life around us, during the spring and summer months all life grows, nurtured and blossoms; during fall it begins to transform itself to protect itself from itself, (i.e. nature), and lastly during the winter months it is protected preparing to blossom forth a new. Can you imagine a barren land all year around always protecting itself? Where is the beauty in that? The beauty lies in our soul, always turning up the dimmer switch to be brighter, to be more self-aware.
I will say; there have been personal moments where I was afraid to let the light in me shine and still working releasing said fear. My personal question is "what am I afraid of?" I feel we all have that one question from time to time. I know on a spiritual level I am ready, but my physical brain is in the way and over processes information, leading to other questions. I ask that we all work on releasing our protective state and embrace the light we already are.

Each and every single soul is a Lightworker, because we all come from, made with and filled with light. We call forth the light within us daily to serve our purpose, carry us through the day and, bring the energy of love to others. Knowing this aspect of self, we live in our truth. Verbally our truth is different, yet the energy and sentiment is the same. When we live in our truth as a lightworker, awaking to self, and being a reflection for others, we honor self and the Energy created Us.
Be Thankful this day and everyday for the light we carry to transform life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the light resonating with each soul to realize who we are.
Be thankful this day and everyday for to honor self and others through sharing the Creation from Oneness.

A Day of Love

Returning from home
Place of light
Reentering the vessel to carry me

Waking up with breath and vigor
Knowing the purpose of the day
Waking with a smile stretching across the face
Knowing this day is filled with ease and grace
All has its place
Knowing where I am going
Knowing where I belong
Knowing this longing desire of purpose is filled
Taking steps with joy and reason
A continuous momentum
An awareness deep in the soul coming to the surface
A light shining emanating from the vessel
See and feel love
Breathe love
The energy of all creation of all manifestation

Return to the place of slumber
To reach the awakened state
Eyes closed
Soul open
Heart filled with love
Love is me
Love is us
Love is one
Love is present
Love is an entity
Love is infinite

Love is of the day


godling 23rd February 2012 12:15 pm

I am Thankfull today for you "Hillis Pugh" for bringing a Wonderful uplifting message to all lightworkers I feel my light brighter after reading your gift to us.


Hillis 23rd February 2012 11:02 pm

Greetings Godling, you are very welcome. I am grateful I was able to share this message with you all! I am happy your light is brighter after reading this message!
Love to you all!

Connie 51 24th February 2012 1:37 am

Thank you for the understanding. Of your self and the rest of us out here.
It is always a pleasure to check in and see what you have written. smile

Hillis 24th February 2012 8:46 am

Connie, you are more than welcome. Love and miracles to you!

kdawn 27th February 2012 3:25 pm

How interesting my guidance led me to this message, & it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Thank you & bless you for sharing your bright Light. Fortunately for me, I am inspired & changed by it.

Releasing the fear right along with you. It's time to blossom!

Much Love & Light to you. Keep on shining, my beautiful friend,


Hillis 27th February 2012 8:36 pm

Kimberly you are very welcome!
Love and miracles!

Yulan 28th February 2012 2:42 pm

I really enjoyed the post. I feel better about myself and life all in one, as one. Thank you, the poem was very uplifting. :roll:


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