Thank You Thursday: Natural Orders.

Be thankful this day for Natural Orders.

Natural orders are the order in which life moments or events occur and flow effortlessly. When we struggle willfully in our routines, making choices, and all the like, we are not in our natural flow or order. Though we have free will to choose what is desired, there is a process to be followed, hence the natural order. For example, we have come to know it is natural for a baby to grow up and mature, to us this make the most logical sense. The natural order at most times makes the most logical sense. Yet there are moments where the natural orders go against what we have been to conditioned to think. We each have an individual way of thinking and completing tasks. The way we think and complete tasks is fulfilled by our own comprehension. Anyone can show us how to complete a task, study, think, etc., however once our brain process the information to our soul, we understand how to improve on the matter to suite us. The question now becomes, how can we be in the flow of the natural order without struggle?

The reason why most of us struggle with natural orders is because they seem to go against what was taught, shown to us, or witnessed. Natural order is a sensation felt knowing we are doing what is for the moment. There is no classification for the natural order, it just is. Natural order creates balance and brings harmony to any moment. The only thing required to be one the flow of the natural order is to just listen. Listening is a simple task, yet the most profound. When listening, we can be in the current of the natural order life, connecting to other streams. We can hear others and they can hear us. Our range of communication is not limited to technological devices; our communications exceeds our thoughts to collective consciousness. When there is a desire asking to be fulfilled, someone or entity hears it, and then ultimately fulfilled. Our soul (self) knows what is desired and speaks to self through our brain to fully comprehend what is the natural order of this moment.

Each moment is different and at times on autopilot. Our routine thinking and habits doesn't allow for much flexibility to flow with the natural order. When there is free or excess time on our hands, we don't know what to with ourselves. We invent ways to fill the empty time. Who’s to say the empty time is not what was needed or asked for. The Universe takes pictures of our thoughts and the thoughts are delivered to us. The thought could last only for a moment, second, or a fraction there of. What attracts the moment or object desired is the energy of love poured into the thought. With the stronger emotion attached to the thought, the more vivid the picture. Each thought has its own energy and emotion attached to it. With the attachment given to the thought, we know when it arrives in our life. This is why we have to become more responsible with our thoughts. Each thought conceived is a part of the infinite wisdom of the universe any soul can access. Think of it this way, your soul is a computer and the universe is the internet. At any given moment there are thousands and millions of people on the internet accessing data housed on servers. Your thoughts are what being accessed. We just have to learn how to cultivate this quality of communication on a collective level. The proximity in which we live has no bearing on the connection felt to other souls, or the information accessed. Creating a greater universal connection to self and others allows for flexibility. Having more flexibility creates more opportunity to be in the natural order of life.
Each moment seen or felt creates larger opportunities to be in the natural order or flow. It aides us in genuinely connecting with other souls for further growth and development. Natural orders are meant to aide in the growth and development of each and every soul. It is when we become aware of purpose of each connection to make a difference for self and the connection. Once what was learned from the moment of connection with another soul can diminish, but not lost. Each connection serves a purpose, whether if it's to inspire, be a muse, or aide in growth, all parties involved benefit from the connection. We have gotten to the universal moment where being selfish no longer benefits the individual or collective souls. With any action taken, we have to sense the purpose of the action or inaction. This doesn't come from an analytical process like we are use too, it comes from listening within and feeling (sensing) the moment.

What defines the natural order we are living in now? Our natural order is specific to each and every one of us. Just because one person does it one way, doesn't mean we all have to do it the same way. In order to be in the flow, we have to accept how we are to manifest the desired changes and growth of self. Once acceptance has been achieved, we can more forward to sense to order of the universal flow. The universal flow is one in the same with the natural order, yet customized to fit the life lessons, outcomes, and growth for the soul (self). Remember our life path is one we chose, no one soul can dictate to us how it is to be lived. Each soul encountered can show us the way, while we make the choices with our heart.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the universal flow matching what is desired from our heart.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the opportunities created to live within our personal natural order.
Be thankful this day and everyday to notice what the natural order has brought to us through self-acceptance. 

Essence of Love

(For Jeffrey) 

Bestowing the essence

The energy love upon thee

This circumstance

This situation has already been resolved

The eye have been widened to see

To witness such feats


The eternal dance

The natural order of being more than perceived

Being conceived from the Source

The energy of love


Proceed with all knowing

Unlocking what’s inside

The Divine light shines ever so brightly

Casting no shadows


Blinded by such stillness

Yet moving fluidly in all eyes beheld


What actions speak to move entrapped souls

Selfless deeds stream to open a closed heart

A key to resonate with thee


Drawing deep from a place within to see this is how it should be

A natural progress of life altering events catering to soul’s purpose


Being filled with love

Wielding the energy of love

With Divine purpose and natural life flow

I am

We are



COBALT 17th November 2011 8:32 pm

Quite rich and lovely!

Hillis 5th January 2012 10:21 am

Greetings Cobalt,
I am Grateful you enjoyed this entry!


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