Thank You Thursday: Our Home, Planet Earth

Be thankful this day for our home, planet Earth.

When most of us think about the Earth, we think of it as a billions old rock; a rock containing, protecting and creating life inhabitants of all species. The Earth is a living organism; a mind boggling creation much like ourselves. Through the incarnation of the Earth came other life forms. With the various changes of the Earth's environment spawned the life form the Earth needed at the time. The Earth needs caretakers. Each species serves a purpose in caring for It and to nurture other species. With the Earth's environment comes change. Let's think about the Earth on a biological level.

Think of the Earth as yourself and all the trillions of cells in your body. Now think about how each group of cells each having their function. Each group of cells regulates the body's voluntary and involuntary functions. Some groups, make up organs, other groups lay dormant until a signal is sent to activate them.

Now consider what we put into our body and how it relates to our health or feel after we eat. (I'm not saying that everything we put into our body directly affects our health.) We have good bacteria to aid in the process to digestion and distribute the vitamins the body needs. Then there is the bad bacteria causing illness in our body. Now just imagine how you feel after a great healthy meal and a nice work, and then think about how you feel after a night out of drinking or food poisoning. The environment in our body changes, by what we put in it and how we treat it. After the mistreatment of our body for so long, it begins to shut down and find ways to heal itself, but it can't do it alone. We find ways to correct the illness. Just like our body, the Earth needs help in caring for It.

The Earth has given us the knowledge to care for it, yet because of our human ego, we have caused an untimely shift in the Earth's environment. We feel we know what is best for a planet spawning life of its own, including our organic bodies. Now think of us as the billions of cells in a body called Earth. The various groups have different roles to play in nurturing and caring for our Home. When time was simpler, humans respected our Home and were one with It. Our ancestors communed with the Earth, much like how we commune with friends, family and the Divine Source today.

Think of it this way, would you allow someone a friend or stranger to come in to your home and disrespect it in any way? We are doing the same thing now, we are all, and well most of us are disrespecting our Home. I'll admit I've done it in the past and currently improving on respecting It. Through the advancement of technology, we forgot how to treat our Home, though there is technology aiding to repair It. We depend on technology too much to repair and understand the problems of our Home. However some technology is needed to understand the life cycles of the Earth. Much like us, the Earth has cycles. These cycles are necessary for the growth of the planet, just like us. The cycles also aid in better protection and provisioning for us.

Our home is a shelter design to protect us from the unseen universal elements. (I'm not saying the elements will harm us, but too much of one thing is not good.) The multiple layers of the Earth help to sustain our living conditions; the trees to clean the air we breathe, the seaweed or grass to filter the water, the soil to grow life, the atmosphere to filter out radiation and much more. We are protected and connected to the earth. Our bodies are made from the cells generating life. The energy emitting from the Earth is the source of physical life. If you have ever walked bare foot on soil or swam in an ocean, you feel the life energy of our Home.

Our Home has given us so much, yet we have been stripping It of Its nutrients sustaining us. We sustain the Earth and It sustains us. As a collective we have to care for our Home as we do for our personal dwellings. The Earth is calling out for help, the only way It knows how, through the changing of the environment we created. Let’s honor our bond and create a new partnership with our Home.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the organic life of our bodies.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the life sustaining properties of the Earth

Be thankful this day and everyday for the partnership created to nurture and care for one another.

Earth Elements

Foundation of life water makes up the body our souls reside in this earthy realm

takes on many forms as the tide washes in reshapes the familiar and conceals the unknown

Reborn from fire the beauty refined from being burnt to a cinder ashes lay salting nourishing the earth only to be replaced by something even more beautiful than there once was

The air I breathe

the tree of life

gentle showers a lasting calming effect



moonlight serenity

The ground I walk sand and soil underneath my feet souls buried carried to heaven and this is where earth meets

past lives provides strength when one is broken

Since the dawn of time these earth elements have combined to refine and define this beauty that has taken for granted

all are beautiful yet deadly for He’s playing the tune reformatting the earth preparing one day the rebirth


Greetings All,
I would like to inform you of a new chapter emerging in Thank Thursday. The chapter will be called What Are You Grateful For. This chapter will include stories from you, the Thank You Thursday audience. I plan on starting the chapter January 2011. I would like to have your permission to publish your story on my blog and hopefully a book. You may also feel free to visit this link  to share your stories. I ask that you contact me to receive the consent form before any post. Thank you for your corporation. I look forward to reading all your stories!

Be well,


Gwen in New Mexico 7th October 2010 9:24 am

Thanks for posting the good read on our home.
Blessings, Gwen

Crystal38 7th October 2010 4:06 pm

Thank you, Hillis, we often forget about our mother Earth. Blessings :)

Hillis 12th October 2010 8:39 am

Greetings Gwen, Conni and Crystal, I'm grateful you all and enjoyed this week's post!

Love and blessings,


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