Thank You Thursday: Perseverance Through Faith

Be thankful this day for Perseverance Through Faith.

The word perseverance means of us as individuals to steadfast, to keep moving. It almost sounds like a competitive nature to keep moving, when we keep moving, whether in a physical or metaphorical sense, we as humans’ breakdown, but our spirit remains strong, though hidden and retreated. When we move through faith, we summon our inner strength to be present in the moment to see past the current circumstances. There are many moments in our life where the outlook is grim and seemly no way out. We reach out to the Creator to assist us, yet in reality we are looking in to pull out our own strength. Sometimes we marvel at ourselves when we do overcome a situation or circumstance. How do we overcome such feats? Where does this inner light strength come from? How do we reshape our world? All we do comes from the blind faith and releasing all expectations in the situation or circumstance.

Our Souls were built to endure the lessons we face daily on Earth. Our lessons are made to assist in growth and to find who we truly are. And to discover the truth about self, we must endure the lessons. The lessons and messages repeat themselves until we progress and get it. There is a moment or prolong period we endure what Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith calls "The Dark Night of the Soul". This period could last for years, until we finally get it. This Dark Night is filled with not knowing and uncertainty. It feels as if all you know is lost and your immediate superficial world has crumbled. Yet through all of this we stand, stand committed to knowing self and seeing the light and joy when the night is over. There are those of us that don't see the dawn. I say to you don't give up. In the midst of a depression, I wanted to give up so bad and stop all I was doing, and then a little voice said to me "Don't give up Hillis". It was scary because I didn't know how to move forward. I just found the one thing bringing me joy and peace and clang to it. In order to make it through, we have to find one thing bringing us joy!

Times joy is our salvation from a world crumbling. Through joy we can remember and recognize who we are. When we are taught lessons, we are remembering who are. Joy is the easiest emotion to attach to because it is who we are innately. We don't find joy, Joy and Love is who we are. Joy allows us to be free from of extenuating circumstances. It is the escapism brought forth to ease the endurance of the Dark Night. The reason why we endure, preserve is to be humble by the lesson, knowing we are more than our situation, our circumstance. As we bring joy and gratitude to the lessons, we learn them quicker and release the pain and anguish, because we are learning who we are. Through the learning of self, we begin to trust self more.

Trust is something we already have and give. We blame others for the misuse and virtue when trust of self and others has dissipated. Trust has only been replaced with an illusion created by self. This illusion creates a safeguard and place for the Soul to retreat too, hence the reason why it's so very easy for some to lie. And when they lie, they usually say "I said it to protect you...." or any variation. Why do we need protection from the truth? The truth comes from a place of light, love and understanding. We have to accept the truth as it appears in our hearts, which shapes our Faith. The faith shaped comes from accepting the being honest with self and others. We should love what the truth offers, freedom to be our true self!

When we open self to blindly endure the lesson of trust of self, we see self as we truly are. Our perception often changes to fit the situation, yet remember the lesson is to endure and find the joy. Once we feed love into every situation, no matter how grim, light and love will pierce its way through. We will always endure and evolve to the next level of self, it only a matter of time and trust.

Be thankful this day and everyday to keep moving is the midst of a crumbing world.
Be thankful this day and everyday to learn the lessons desired to evolve to the next level of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to truly know self and having blind faith to bring fourth desire life changes.

Don't Stop Me

Standing in the foreground of life
learning what is me
the truth

Spirit exuding through all darkness
standing in solitude
with no one left
moving on

Handling what was given to learn
fallen to the illusion created
foresee the light
the joy in humbleness

Taking the chance given to evolve
shattering the illusion created by self with self

I can only show me
guided by light and Creator of all
I can go on
A repetitious cycle of evolution
don't stop me


SpiritHeart 26th May 2011 8:49 am

I love your Thursday Posts. Thank you Dear Brother. This article was most loving, kind and encouraging.

With love and light

Crystal38 29th May 2011 11:58 pm

"Once we feed love into every situation, no matter how grim, light and love will pierce its way through."
I love this, it reminds us to look within ourselves and to look at things from the big picture angle. Thank you, dear Hillis! Love and joy to all :smitten:

Hillis 30th May 2011 7:38 pm

Greetings Brother Spirit Heart, you are welcome. I' grateful these words could assist you.
Love and blessings, Hillis

Hillis 30th May 2011 7:40 pm

Greetings Crystal, Thank you for the reminder of my own words. I am going through a few things now. You are welcome and love to you!
Blessings to you this day and others.


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